How to record computer and microphone sounds

Bandicam sound settings

Please click the "Settings" button under the Video tab to open the Recording settings.

bandicam sound settings

  • Record sound: If the 'Record sound' option is checked, the sound will be captured with the video.
  • Save audio tracks while recording: If this option is checked, audio will be saved separately as a .wav file.
  • Speakers (Primary Sound Device): This allows users to select a device for recording computer sound.
  • Microphone (Primary Sound Device): This allows users to select a device for recording microphone sound.
  • Secondary Sound Device (Advanced): This allows you to add and save a specific sound, as well as record or mute audio with a specific hotkey.
  • Two Sound Mixing: This option allows users to mix the "Primary Sound Device" and the "Secondary Sound Device" into one audio track. If you are not a video specialist, please check this option.
  • Push-To-Talk or Push-To-Mute: If you want to record or mute the sound with a specific hotkey, select the microphone and check the "Push-To-Talk or Push-To-Mute" option.
  • Settings: This button allows users to open the [Playback] or [Recording] settings of Windows.
  • Filter: This option allows users to use the microphone filter function.
    • Convert to Mono: The microphone input is converted from Stereo to Mono.
    • Noise Suppression: This allows you to reduce external noise, such as mouse clicks and keyboard sounds, while recording microphone sounds.

[Windows Vista/7/8/10/11] Record computer sound and your voice

To record computer sound and your voice, select "(Default Output Device)" for the "Speakers” and "Your microphone device" for the "Microphone."

bandicam sound settings

[Windows XP] Record computer sound and your voice

To record computer sound and microphone sound in Windows XP, select "Primary Sound Capture Driver" or "Stereo Mix" as the Primary Sound Device and "Microphone" as the Secondary Sound Device.

How to record microphone, windows xp

* Windows XP settings

1. Right-click on the Speaker icon in the system tray -> Open Volume control -> Click Propertiesview.

2. After selecting the correct device in "Mixer Device," select the "Recording" option, check the "Microphone" option, and set the microphone volume to around 70-80%view. If the microphone volume is set to [Mute], change it to "Unchecked."

3. If you still have a problem with the microphone recording, select the "Playback" option, check the "Microphone" option, and check the "Select" checkbox (or uncheck the "Mute" checkbox) in the Microphone tabview.

FAQ 1) When using Bluetooth earphones or headset

A problem may occur if you use a Bluetooth device as both [Speaker] and [Microphone] at the same time. We recommend you select another sound device for [Speaker] and select a Bluetooth device only for [Microphone]. If you still have problems, please use a USB microphone/headset, or use your smartphone as a microphone.

FAQ 2) When using a laptop's built-in microphone

1) If Bandicam crashes when trying to record a built-in internal microphone in your laptop, go to the Recording tab of Windows, right-click on Microphone, select Properties, check "Listen to this device,"view and try recording again.
2) If your voice cuts off intermittently while using a laptop's built-in microphone, turn off the [Noise Suppression] functionview and try recording again.
3) If you are still having problems, please use a USB microphone/headset or reinstall your sound card drivers.

FAQ 3) Recording the ASIO audio from a DAW (Audio interface)

You can record DAW sounds with Bandicam using a virtual audio mixer such as VoiceMeeter or the WASAPI driver that goes through Windows normal audio path. » How to record ASIO audio from a DAW

If you continue to have problems, record your Bandicam and Windows sound settings, and send the video file with your microphone model to

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