What is the difference between the free and full version?

1. What are the limitations of the Bandicam free trial?

  • The free version is limited to 10 minutes per recording, while the full (registered) version has no time limit and can record for more than 24 hours. limitations of Bandicam trial version
  • If you use the free version, the watermark (www.BANDICAM.com) will be added to the recorded videos. limitations of Bandicam trial version

  • In the Bandicam trial version, "UNREGISTERED" and the Lock image are displayed at the top of the window. limitations of Bandicam trial version
  • You cannot use scheduled recording and continuous recording for 24 hours/365 days with the Bandicam free version.
  Free version Full version
Recording Time Limit 10 minutes per recording Unlimited (Over 24 hours recording)
No Watermark X O
Scheduled Recording X O
Game Recording (avi, mp4) O O
Screen Recording (avi, mp4) O O
Webcam/HDMI Recording (avi, mp4) O O
Image Capture (bmp, png, jpg) O O
Game FPS overlay and control O O

2. How can I use Bandicam for free?

Despite some of the limited functions in the free version, all other features remain the same as those seen in the registered version of Bandicam.

3. Is Bandicam free for commercial use?

Although you can freely install Bandicam to test the functions of Bandicam at home, office, school, etc., you have to buy a Bandicam license to use it for commercial use.

4. How can I use Bandicam without a watermark and time limit?

If the Bandicam product is registered, the watermark (www.BANDICAM.com) will not be added to the recorded videos, and the recording time will be unlimited. Also, once you purchase Bandicam, there is a lifetime guarantee on the license as long as you follow the license policy.

  • If you purchase Bandicam, you will receive a serial key via email.
  • Download the free version of Bandicam, and Start.
  • Click on the 'Lock' image in Bandicam, and enter the email address and serial number. When the product registration is complete, the lock image at the top will disappear. Register Bandicam

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