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  • Operating system : Windows XP, Vista, 7/8/10 (Support for 32/64-bit)
  • License : Shareware (No Adware/Spyware/Virus), EULA
  • Version : Bandicam - 04/26/2017 (History)
  • Related codec : Bandicam MPEG-1 decoder
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Bandicut - Easy Video Cutter & Joiner

A comparison between the registered and the unregistered version

  Unregistered Registered
Recording Time Limit 10 minutes (per file) Unlimited (Over 24 hours recording)
No Watermark X O
Game Recording (avi, mp4) O O
Screen Recording (avi, mp4) O O
Webcam/HDMI Recording (avi, mp4) O O
Image Capture (bmp, png, jpg) O O
Game FPS overlay and control O O

* If the product is registered, the watermark ( will not be shown on the recorded video and the recording time will be unlimited.
* Once you purchase the program, there is a lifetime guarantee on the license as long as you follow the license policy. » Bandicam License Policy
* If you uninstall the registered Bandicam, you can transfer the license to another computer. » How to uninstall Bandicam


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What can be recorded through Bandicam Screen Recorder?

See the recording manual

Version history - Old versions: Bandicam 1.9.4, Bandicam 2.3.1 for Windows XP

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  • Bandicam is now able to add numbers to highlight steps of video tutorials.
  • Bandicam is now able to draw arrows with customized colors and sizes.
  • Improved the real-time drawing function.
  • - The real-time drawing feature can be used in a moving video.
    - The drawing feature can be used when capturing images.
  • Added a new size preset (1920x1080) on the rectangle window.
  • Separated the FPS position hotkey and the FPS show/hide hotkey.
  • Improved the writing efficiency of PCM audio data with the .avi container.
  • Bugs fixed
    • RGB24 codec resulted in quality loss in the registered version.
    • External codec which supports RGB input such as MagicYUV, Lagarith, x264 resulted in quality loss.
    • Bandicam crashed when the smallest size was selected and the H264(CPU) codec was used in Screen Recording Mode.
    • Other minor bugs fixed.
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  • Added the "Prefer RGB colorspace" option for the External codec - VFW (Video for Windows)
  • Added the command line for license registration.
  • - Registration from the setup file: bdcamsetup.exe /S /reg email serial#
    - Registration from the program file: bdcam.exe /reg email serial#
  • Improved the "Open output folder" function on the context menu in the Output tab.
  • Improved security of Bandicam installer (DLL Hijacking).
  • Bandicam now doesn't allow the user to enter the same preset name in the format and position/size preset settings.
  • Bugs fixed
    • The preset name in the format and position/size preset settings couldn't be edited/deleted.
    • Specific data of large AVI files was broken (Around 150 GB or bigger files).
    • Other minor bugs fixed.
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  • NVENC encoder could not be detected on some computers when the Nvidia Geforce 378.49 driver was installed.
  • - Tip) If you use a NVIDIA graphics card and have a problem with Minecraft or other Java-based games, please download the latest GeForce driver from
  • Other minor bugs fixed.