Video Capture Library (Bandicam SDK, Bandicam Capture Library)

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Bandicam Capture Library (Bandicam SDK) is a special library program made for game design companies. It provides game/video recording functions for your game/application. Many online game companies including NCsoft, Nexon, Neowiz, Webzen, and Tencent use Bandicam Capture Library.


  • Audio and Video capture in D3D7/DX8/DX9/DX10/DX11, OpenGL, GDI Device.
  • The captured video is saved as an AVI and MP4 file.
  • The captured video can be uploaded to YouTube directly.
  • It does not affect your game/application.
  • Supported environments: Win32/64, C++, Visual Studio 6.0/2002/2003/2005/2008/2010.



Video capturing is handled by an independent Dynamic Linking Library (DLL) - bdcap32.dll.

Use less system resources

Optimized for games and uses less system resources (CPU/RAM/GPU).

No Slowdown

If using a Core 2 Duo or higher, full screen video capture is possible without slowing down the computer.

Small size of created file

With a well-proven video compression algorithm, it produces small-sized video files.

High quality capture

If using a Core 2 Duo or higher, the capture resolution is up to 2560x1600 and without frame drops.

Easy to use

It may take less than 10 minutes to add capture capability to your application. (Help page)

No dependency on external files

It doesn't use DirectShow, or Video for Windows, so it doesn't have any codec problems.

Small program size

If you compress the DLL file of BCL, the program’s filesize will be less than 1MB.