Video Playback Library (Bandicam Video Library)

Bandicam Video Library logo image

Bandicam Video Library is a special library program made for game design companies. It provides video playback functions for your game/application. Many online game companies including NCsoft, Nexon, Neowiz, Webzen, and Tencent use Bandicam Video Library.


  • Video playing is handled by an independent Dynamic Linking Library(DLL) - bdivid32.dll.
  • It's easy and fast to apply to your program/game
  • It doesn't use DirectShow, or Video for Windows, so that no codec problems occur
  • No need to install any other Windows codec for playing Video
  • No license fee for using video and audio codecs. It uses the MPEG1 video codec and the MPEG1 layer-2 audio codec
  • Optimized for gaming; it uses less CPU and also other resources
  • Applicable to 2D and 3D applications


Better than BINK | Optimized for games

Optimized for games and uses less system resources (CPU/RAM/GPU).

Better than BINK | Amazing compression rate

MPEG-1 video of BVL supplies higher compression rate than BINK.
Game developers can make a video tutorial without any concerns about large file size.

Cheaper than BINK

Bandicam Video Library is alternative to BINK.

Easy to use

With C++ interfaces, and intuitive APIs, it is easy to use.
You can easily add a video player to your game/application!

No dependency

It doesn't use DirectShow, or Video technology of Windows, so that codec problems don't occur.