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Best Program for Making a Video Resume in 2024

How to Make a Video Profile for Interviews

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Do you want to make a video resume for yourself? Are you debating whether or not you need one? In today’s world, the competition is fierce. You’re typically up against hundreds of other candidates when applying for a job. In addition, although it has gotten easier to discover job opportunities on the internet, it has become more difficult to get such positions.

The majority of job hopefuls struggle to distinguish themselves from the crowd and earn a chance at that prized interview. An online video resume may be very beneficial if you want to get an advantage over your competitors and score more interviews.

What is a Video Resume, and how does it work?

A video resume is a short film produced by job searchers in an effort to persuade prospective employers to hire them for a particular position. In addition to a conventional resume, it is often presented in conjunction with one.

What Is the Value of a Video Resume?

Video resumes, however, may not be fit for everyone; most job applicants do not need one. In fact, video resumes are not required for the vast majority of positions available today. Whether or not you need one is determined by the industry, position, and business you are applying for. Below are a few instances for which you might need a video resume:

  • Work in a field requiring creativity and visuals, such as design, cinematography, motion graphics, video production, directing, acting, teaching, and cooking.
  • If you want to be successful at your job, your attitude and communication abilities must be on display. For example, you might want to show such abilities when applying for a position that entails facing and enticing potential clients.
  • Your recruiter has asked you to put together a video resume for your application.
  • You’re looking for a position at a small business that doesn’t utilize an applicant tracking system (ATS) and hasn’t automated its recruiting process.
  • You have a lot of experience but want to highlight the parts that are relevant to the position you’re applying for.

What is the best way to create a video CV?

bandicam webcam recorder

Job searchers must record their video CV or profile by using a video resume builder that records that webcam.

Fortunately, creating a video resume using a Bandicam webcam recorder is a straightforward process. You may record your camera, screen, and voice simultaneously, as well as add additional effects to the video, such as a logo or text.

In this post, we’ll show you how to create a video resume using Bandicam’s built-in features. Making a video resume doesn’t have to be a difficult task; all you need are some good video equipment and basic video editing knowledge. Below are the procedures to follow while creating a video resume.

How to Make a Video Profile for Interviews

1.   Create a script for your presentation.

To prepare for your interview, jot down what you’d like to express to the recruiter. Write as though you are speaking. Moreover, make sure that your notes are written in a conversational tone, and keep your sentences brief and to the point. Also, while shooting, avoid reading straight from the screenplay in order to prevent seeming too robotic. Instead, remember the script so that you can appear more personable and professional on the phone. Alternative: sketch out a rough outline of the key points and develop on them afterward while shooting the scene.

2.   Set up the recording equipment.

  • Download and install the Bandicam Webcam recorder.
  • Choose the recording option that you wish to use. You have the option of recording your video resume using either the webcam recording mode (option 1) or the screen recording mode (option 2).
bandicam screen recording mode

3-1.   Using a webcam to record (option 1) 

In Device recording mode, you may capture video from your webcam.

  • Pick “Device Recording” mode from the drop-down menu and then click on the “Device Settings” button to select the device you wish to record with.
select webcam, bandicam
  • To record only your voice, pick Disable as the “Speakers” option, and then select the microphone as the “Microphone.” (If you want to record both computer sound and your voice, select the speaker device instead of the Disable option).
record voice, bandicam
add logo, add text to the video
  • To start or stop the recording, click the REC button or the hotkey (F12) on your keyboard (The hotkey for the ‘Record/Stop’ functions can be changed).
record hotkey

3-2. Making a recording of the screen (option 2) 

The instructions listed below will guide you through the process of recording your computer screen and camera simultaneously.

  • Select the ‘Screen Recording Mode,’ and pick the ‘Fullscreen’ or ‘recording area’ from the drop-down menu.
screen recording mode, bandicam
facecam, webcam overlay
  • You can toggle between small and fullscreen webcam overlay screen while recording.
enlarge your webcam screen

4.   Examine and distribute your video resume.

You may see your video inside the output folder if you want to. If you are happy with the recording, send it to your employer or submit it to video-sharing platforms. You can upload your content to Google Drive, YouTube, or Vimeo from the Bandicam interface.

bandicam output, recorded video


The employment market is very competitive; that’s why you should not be afraid to utilize any and all of the resources at your disposal in order to get the position you want. The video resume maker that we have discussed in this article provides a broad range of capabilities, but it is up to you to figure out how to use these tools in a creative manner. What is your preferred technique for putting up a video resume? Please let us know by leaving a comment.


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