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How to Mirror, Flip, and Rotate Webcam

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Do you need to record your webcam screen and are wondering how to mirror or rotate your webcam? Here is the solution! Bandicam is a decent webcam recorder that allows you to flip, mirror, and rotate your webcam stream.

You might need to flip or rotate your webcam screen for various cases:

  • The webcam might show an incorrect orientation by default, such as being upside down or mirrored.
  • For better framing or to accommodate the position of the webcam, you might want to rotate the camera to get the best angle.

If you want to rotate your webcam, we have a comprehensive guide that walks you through the process of rotating and recording your webcam with Bandicam. Check out the step-by-step tutorial below.

1. How do I flip my webcam stream?

With Bandicam, you can mirror your webcam stream by flipping it. Follow the steps below to flip your webcam and screen record it:

Step 1: Install Bandicam Webcam Recorder and run it.

Step 2: Choose “Device Recording” mode, select the webcam device, and check the “Flip screen” option you want.

  • You can flip your webcam device to a horizontal or vertical screen.
flip webcam

Step 3: Now, start and stop recording by clicking on the REC button or pressing the F12 recording hotkey.

2. How do I rotate my webcam screen?

Bandicam has been updated with the addition of a webcam (device) rotation function. To manually rotate your webcam and record it, select Device Recording mode, choose your webcam device, and select the Rotate option in the Device Selection settings.

  • Note: If the webcam resolution is 1280*720 and you rotate it 90 or 270 degrees, the resolution will be recorded at 720*1280.
rotate webcam

Q1. How can I record my webcam with audio?

Bandicam allows you to record webcam and microphone sounds at the same time. By selecting your webcam in Bandicam’s Device Recording mode and additionally selecting your microphone device, you can record both your voice and webcam.

Q2. What is the best software to record webcam footage?

Bandicam is a great webcam recording software that can record webcam streams. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for even beginners to use.

Q3. How do I start recording my webcam?

Run Bandicam Webcam Recorder, select Device Recording mode, and click on the REC button. You can also add a text overlay, such as a text watermark, recording date/time/timestamp, elapsed recording time, CPU/memory usage, and video resolution, to the webcam stream.

add a text overlay

Q4. Can I record my screen and webcam simultaneously?

You can record your screen and camera together by using the webcam overlay option in Bandicam. You can also move the webcam stream around your screen and/or make the webcam Fullscreen.

record my screen and webcam, facecam

Q5. Can I create a video profile by using a webcam?

You can create a video resume or profile by connecting your webcam to your computer. Then, use the webcam recording software that provides high-quality video and audio recording.


This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to mirror, flip, and rotate your webcam stream. This might be necessary if your webcam displays an incorrect orientation or to achieve better framing. Mirroring or rotating your webcam can help create more professional-looking videos just the way you want.


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