Please read our FAQs for a reseller.

1. Do you provide a discount for a reseller/school?

Unfortunately, we don't offer a discount for resellers, schools/students or other industries/countries.

2. Bandicam price and quotation

We offer volume discount prices for Bandicam, as shown below:
1-PC: $39.00
2-PC: $59.00 (=$29.5x2)
3-PC: $88.50 (=$29.5x3)
4-PC: $118.00 (=$29.5x4)
5-PC: $137.00 (=$27.4x5)
6-PC: $164.40 (=$27.4x6)
7-PC: $191.80 (=$27.4x7)
8-PC: $219.20 (=$27.4x8)
9-PC: $246.60 (=$27.4x9)
10-PC: $254.00 (=$25.4x10)
11-PC: $279.40 (=$25.4x11)
12-PC: $304.80 (=$25.4x12)
18-PC: $457.20 (=$25.4x18)
19-PC: Purchase the 20-PC license.
20-PC: $468.00 (=$23.40x20)
21-PC: $491.40 (=$23.40x21)
22-PC: $514.80 (=$23.40x22)
To get a quote, please use our online quotation system from

3. How to purchase a license on behalf of the end user

Please follow the steps below to purchase a 27-PC license on behalf of the end user.
1) Go to, and click the 'Buy Now' button and select the "Others" option.

buy now, 2checkout

2) Change the license count from "1" to "27" as shown below:

buy now, change license count

3) Enter your email address and payment information.
  (If you pay by credit card, you will receive a license email automatically/immediately.)
4) You will receive an invoice and license email .
- Please click the [Reply] button on the license email and let us know the end-user's email address.
- We will send a new license email to the end-user and forward it to the buyer.
5) The end-user will download the free version of Bandicam from and enter the serial key like below:

* Additional information for resellers

- We only sell our software as ESD (Electronic Software Delivery).
- We don't charge any maintenance fee, technical support fee, additional mandatory costs or subscriptions.
- We guarantee free technical support and version updates for one year from the date of purchase.

For more information, please email us at

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