Please read our FAQs for a reseller.

1. Do you provide a discount for a reseller/school?

Unfortunately, we don't offer a discount for resellers, schools/students or other industries/countries. We only sell our software at a fixed price.

2. Bandicam price and quotation

We offer volume discount prices for Bandicam, as shown below:
1-PC: $39.00
2-PC: $59.00 (=$29.5x2)
3-PC: $88.50 (=$29.5x3)
4-PC: $118.00 (=$29.5x4)
5-PC: $137.00 (=$27.4x5)
6-PC: $164.40 (=$27.4x6)
7-PC: $191.80 (=$27.4x7)
8-PC: $219.20 (=$27.4x8)
9-PC: $246.60 (=$27.4x9)
10-PC: $254.00 (=$25.4x10)
11-PC: $279.40 (=$25.4x11)
12-PC: $304.80 (=$25.4x12)
18-PC: $457.20 (=$25.4x18)
19-PC: Purchase the 20-PC license.
20-PC: $468.00 (=$23.40x20)
21-PC: $491.40 (=$23.40x21)
22-PC: $514.80 (=$23.40x22)
To get a quote, please use our online quotation system from

3. How to purchase a license on behalf of the end user

Please follow the steps below to purchase a 27-PC license on behalf of the end user.

1) Go to, and click the "Buy Now" button and select the "Others" option.
(You can also try the "Visa/Master/AMEX, PayPal or Bitcoin" option.)

buy now, 2checkout

2) Change the license count from "1" to "27" like below:

buy now, change license count

3) Enter your email address and payment information.
  (If you pay by credit card, you will receive a license email automatically/immediately.)

4) You will receive an invoice and license email .
- Please click the [Reply] button on the license email and let us know the end-user's email address.
- We will send a new license email to the end-user and forward it to the buyer.

5) The end-user will download the free version of Bandicam from and enter the serial key like below:

* Additional information for resellers

- We only sell our software as ESD (Electronic Software Delivery).
- We don't charge any maintenance fee, technical support fee, additional mandatory costs or subscriptions.
- We guarantee free technical support and version updates for one year from the date of purchase.

For more information, please email us at

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