Introduction · FAQs Bandicam License Policy: Registration, Upgrade, Management

1. License Registration

An internet connection is required when you register the license.
Once you have registered the serial number, you cannot sell/resell the license or get a refund.

Bandicam follows the policy of '1 PC - 1 license'.
If you purchased a 1-PC license, you can register the license on up to 1 computer. If the software is registered on more than 2 computers for one license, the user's license could be blocked and the user will not get a refund.

2. License Upgrade

To use Bandicam on another computer, you must uninstall the registered Bandicam or upgrade the maximum license count from (1-PC upgrade = $29.50)

1) How to change the serial number
If you upgrade the maximum license count, you will receive a new serial key by email (Your previous license will be stopped). If you want to use the previous serial key, please email us at

2) How to change the email address
Once you have registered the license, you cannot change the email address since the email address is a part of the serial number. However, if you upgrade the license and send an email to, the manager will handle your request.

3. License Management

A lifetime guarantee is offered as long as the below rules are followed:

  • If you uninstall the registered Bandicam, you can re-use/transfer the license to another computer.
  • If you format your computer or your computer is broken, you can re-use/transfer the license.

If you lost the serial number, go to and enter your purchasing email address at the license check section. Your license will be sent to your email again. If you can't access your email, please send your payment receipt to

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