Registration failed.
Check your email address and serial number.

If you see the error message below, please try the solutions below:

Registration failed, Bandicam serial number

[ If you don't have the serial number ]

If you don't have the Bandicam serial number, go to, and click the 'Buy Now' button. Once you purchase the license, the serial number will be sent to your email address immediately.

[ If you have the serial number ]

1. Enter the correct email address and serial number

Please try right-clicking with your mouse or using keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste your serial number. When entering a serial number, be sure to include all hyphens(-) and not to add blank spaces.

copying and paste, Bandicam

2. Did you purchase a Bandicam + Bandicut package?

If you purchase a Bandicam + Bandicut package, you will receive two serial keys: one for Bandicam and another for Bandicut. You must enter the Bandicam serial key in Bandicam and the Bandicut serial key in Bandicut.

3. Did you enter XXXXXXXX-XXXX?

Once registration is completed, the last digits of the Bandicam serial number are hidden and displayed as XXXXXXXX-XXXX. This is not a correct serial number. Please open your license email and check for the correct serial number.

4. Try registering again after disabling the computer antivirus program, firewall, or proxy server

Windows Firewall

5. If you have a Korean license, you must install the Korean version of Bandicam.

If you still have registration issues, please send a screenshot of the error message to

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