How to take a screenshot (Screen capture)

You can easily capture your computer screen as an image (BMP, PNG, JPG). In addition, it is possible to capture various images using the real-time drawing function, adding a logo (watermark), and continuous screenshots.

1. Download Bandicam and select a recording mode.

2. Click the 'Camera' icon to capture the screen in the bandicam window. Bandicam screen capture

  • You can use the hotkey (F11) to capture the screen. (This hotkey can be changed)
  • You can capture by clicking the camera icon.
  • After capturing with the Ctrl + C shortcut, you can paste it with Ctrl + V in Paint / PowerPoint / Word programs, etc.

3. Check the captured image. Bandicam, output

  • Open the output folder to check the captured images.
  • Go to Home -> Images to check the captured images.

Advanced tips for screen capture

Tip 1) Select a recording area

If you choose the "Select a recording area" menu and place the mouse on the recording target and click, the recording window will be selected according to the size of the recording target.

Bandicam select recording area

Tip 2) Use the drawing tool

You can capture images with features such as arrows, text, boxes and numbers. » See more

Bandicam realtime drawing

Tip 3) Repeat screen capture (Continuous screenshot)

If you set the capture repeat to "1", the screen capture will repeat every "1 sec" (It can be set from 0.1 to 9999 seconds).

Bandicam repeat screen capture

Tip 4) Add logo overlay

You can add a certain logo to the image capture. »Useful tips for adding a logo

Bandicam logo overlay

Tip 5) Format settings

You can decide the format (BMP, PNG, and JPG) of the image and quality.

Bandicam image format

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