BandiFix - Free Video Recovery Software

BandiFix is freeware that can repair broken video files. It's free recovery software and it can be used for fixing corrupt video files. It allows you to recover corrupt/broken AVI or MP4 files that cannot be played.

What can you do with BandiFix?

BandiFix can repair broken AVI or MP4 files due to an abnormal termination when recording through Bandicam. It will also help recover other corrupt AVI files that are downloaded from the internet. However, you can't fix MP4 files with other issues that are downloaded from the internet.

  AVI file MP4 file
Corrupt videos while recording through Bandicam O O
Other videos that are downloaded from the internet O X

How to use BandiFix

To repair the broken video files, please follow the steps below:

1. Download/install Bandicam.
Download/install Bandicam from

2. Go to the Bandicam installation folder
Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Bandicam, and click [bdfix.exe] Bandifix - Free avi/mp4 recovery program

3. Click the [Open] button and choose the broken file that needs to be fixed. Open the broken avi/mp4 file

4. The broken AVI/MP4 files will be repaired automatically. Recovered the broken avi/mp4 file

BFIX File - Index file for MP4 recovery

A .bfix file is an index file that contains the index information of an MP4 file being recorded by Bandicam. This file is created and disappears automatically when you start or stop recording.

If Bandicam is abnormally terminated due to power outage or other reasons while recording, open the output folder

Output folder, Bandicam

and double-click the .bfix file in the output folder. The broken .MP4 file will be repaired by BandiFix automatically.

bfix file, Bandicam/BandiFix MP4 index file

Use AVI if file corruption occurs frequently

On some computers, file corruption occurs frequently due to a problem with the graphics card driver or hardware accelerated H.264 codec (Intel, Nvidia, AMD). In this case, reinstall your graphics card drivers and use the AVI container and 'H264 (CPU)' video codec as shown below.

Select the XVID or H264 (CPU) codec, Bandicam