How to Install Bandicam

Please follow the steps below to install Bandicam.

1. Download and run

First, go to, and download the free version of Bandicam.
After downloading the file, run the "bdcamsetup.exe" file.
Edge, Firefox
Internet Explorer

2. Installer language

Select a language from the list.

Bandicam setup - Select a language

3. Setup window

The 'Bandicam Setup' window will appear. Click 'Next' to continue.

Bandicam setup - Welcome

4. License agreement

If you accept the terms, click 'I Agree' to continue.

Bandicam setup - License Agreement

5. Choose components

Choose the components you want to install. Click 'Next' to continue.

Bandicam setup - Choose Components

6. Choose installation location

Enter the location where you want to install Bandicam, and click 'Install' to continue.

Bandicam setup - Choose installation location

If you see the "Error opening file for writing" or "Bandicam is in use" error message, end the "bdcam.exe" process from Task Manager and try again.

End task/process, Bandicam

7. Complete installation

Once you see the 'Completing the Bandicam Setup' window, click 'Finish' to complete your installation.

Bandicam setup - Installation complete

8. Start Bandicam

Click the 'Bandicam' icon on your desktop or click the 'bdcam.exe' file in the installation folder.

Bandicam setup - start Bandicam

  • bdcam.exe (Default): If you click "bdcam.exe" in the Bandicam installation folder (C:\Program Files\Bandicam), Bandicam runs as an administrator or standard user, depending on the Bandicam UAC settingview.
  • bdcam_admin: Click "bdcam_admin" to run Bandicam as an administrator » "Game Recording" mode and UAC
  • bdcam_nonadmin: Click "bdcam_nonadmin" to run Bandicam with a standard user account or guest account.
  • bdcam_safemode: Click "bdcam_safemode" if Bandicam doesn't start. It will disable some features of Bandicam, such as a hardware-accelerated H.264 (NVIDIA, Intel, AMD) encoder.

Tip 1) Failed to download and install

If you can't download Bandicam,

  • Try other web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.
  • Disable anti-virus or toolbar programs.
  • Download Bandicam 2.3.1 and try again.

If Bandicam freezes while installing, uncheck the "Debug" optionview and try again. » See more

Tip 2) How to register

If you have a license, click on the 'Lock' image to use the full version.

Register Bandicam