'Screen Recording' mode | Specific window

To record a specific window, start Bandicam, choose the 'Screen Recording Mode' and select the 'Specific window' menu. The 'Specific window' recording mode allows you to select and record a specific program window, even if it is covered by other program windows.

Advantages of recording a specific window (Background screen recorder):

1. Record video meetings, live streams, or video lectures

  • You can record a specific single window, excluding what happens on other program windows. In other words, you can record a particular screen window, such as a Zoom video meeting or live stream, while running other programs.

2. When you can’t use Bandicam’s Game recording mode

  • If FPS does not appear on the game target in Bandicam Game recording mode, try using the 'Specific window' recording mode instead. If you select a game application in the Specific window recording mode, you can capture only the game window, even if it is covered with other program windows.

How to record a specific window while multitasking

We recommend this background recording for capturing streaming videos or flash games, especially if you need to record a video or specific running program in the background.

1. Download Bandicam from the official website (https://www.bandicam.com/downloads/).

2. Start Bandicam, choose the 'Specific window' mode, and select a program to record.

For example, like the image below, you can select and record a single program window, such as a browser, PowerPoint, or Excel.

Bandicam, record a specific window

3. Click the ' REC' button to start/stop the recording. specific window recording

4. Click on the video icon to play, edit, or upload the captured videos. Bandicam, recorded videos, captured videos

This Window recording method only records the selected program window, even if other programs overlap the chosen window during recording.

How to record part of the screen in a specific window

The 'Specific window' recording option allows you to record either the entire window or a specific area of the selected window.

Bandicam, record a specific window/program

1. Select the 'Specific window' mode, and choose the 'Select a recording area on specific window' menu. Bandicam, record specific area

2. Select the recording area in a specific window by dragging with the mouse. specific area recording

3. Click the ' REC' button to start/stop the recording. Bandicam, record specific area

In this way, only the specific area of the window will be recorded, even if other program windows overlap during recording.

Precautions when recording a specific window

Background recording feature works on Windows 10/11.

  • Selecting and recording a specific window is available in Windows 10/11. For Windows 7/8, it records everything on your PC screen.

Make sure not to minimize the recorded window.

  • You can only record a specific window while multitasking, but if you minimize the recorded window, screen capture will not be possible.

The Specific window recording mode doesn't capture additional popups, windows, or menus.

  • Since it only captures the one window you specify, the mouse right-click context menu or additional popup menus in Photoshop won't be recorded. Use 'Rectangle on a screen' or 'Fullscreen' recording mode to record all popups and menus.

Change the recording hotkey when recording the browser.

  • You can start/stop recording by pressing the recording hotkey F12. However, we recommend you change the recording shortcut key F12 to another key when recording a web browser because the opening developer tool of the browser is F12. Bandicam, recording hotkey