Bandicam settings - About

This 'About' tab helps to register the license and carry out Bandicam updates.

Bandicam - About tab

  •   1    Bandicam Version Information: Bandicam version information can be checked
  •   2    Update check: The 'Update check' option checks the version status of Bandicam and
            makes changes to the update notification settings.
  •   3    License Information: License information can be checked
  •   4    Register: The 'Register' button opens the 'Register Bandicam' window that is for the registration of Bandicam.

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- How to purchase/register Bandicam

Register Bandicam

Click the 'Lock' image and enter your email address and serial number to register.

Bandicam Serial Registration

* Tip)
If you have lost the Bandicam serial, go to and enter your email address
(used for purchasing Bandicam).