Bandicam settings - General

The 'General' tab allows you to configure the general settings of Bandicam. Bandicam - General settings

[Advanced] - General

Bandicam - Advanced settings

  • Bandicam window always on top: This option displays Bandicam on top of other windows.
  • Start Bandicam minimized to tray: This feature allows Bandicam to start minimized to the system tray.
  • Show FPS in captured video/image: This feature allows Bandicam to add the FPS number to videos/images.
  • Show tip/information bar: This feature allows Bandicam to show the tip/information bar at the bottom of the program.
  • Turn off tray balloon notifications: This feature allows Bandicam users to turn off tray balloon notifications.
  •      - To always check the recording status of Bandicam, add the Bandicam icon to the system tray (notification area)view.
  • Run Bandicam on Windows startup: This feature allows the Bandicam program to automatically open when Windows starts.
  • Start full-screen recording on Bandicam startup: This feature allows Bandicam to start full-screen recording.
  • Set timer for Auto Start Recording: This feature allows Bandicam to automatically start recording at a specific time.

[Advanced] - Output

Bandicam - Advanced settings, Output

  • Output folder: This feature allows you to change/open the captured video and image folder.
  • Enable write caching on the disk: If you check this option, Bandicam caches the data while recording. If you uncheck this option, Bandicam saves the data directly while recording.
  • Autocreate output subfolder with name:
    • Same as recording target name: For example, if the target name is "WOW.exe," Bandicam will create a "WOW" folder and save the files under the "WOW" folder.
    • 'Videos'/ 'Images' / 'Audios': If this option is selected, Bandicam will save videos under the 'Videos' folder, images under the 'Images' folder, and audios under the 'Audios' folder.
    • Date format (YYYY-MM-DD): If this option is selected, Bandicam will create a folder in date format (YYYY-MM-DD) and save files under the folder.
  • File naming settings: This option allows you to set the file name of the captured videos, images, and audios.

[Advanced] - Hooking

Bandicam - Hooking settings

  • Hooking target: You can choose/control the Hooking target. If you check "Windows Apps (UWP)," Bandicam will be able to record Windows apps/games from the Microsoft Store. If you uncheck "DirectX 11," Bandicam will not record DirectX 11 games.
  • Disable DX 10/11 hooking on IE9/Firefox: If this option is checked, Bandicam will not record Internet Explorer and Firefox. To record IE9/Firefox, you should use 'Screen Recording' mode.
  • Block DirectX video overlay: This option prevents a black screen from being displayed in 'Screen Recording' mode and improves the DirectX hooking in 'Game Recording' mode.
  • Blocked process list: ​​You can block a certain process/program (such as chrome.exe, firefox.exe, etc.) if you don't want to record with Bandicam’s 'Game Recording' mode.

[Advanced] - Language

Bandicam - Change languages

[Advanced] - Hotkeys

Users can change the main shortcut keys used in Bandicam.

Bandicam - Change Hotkeys

[Advanced] - Others

Bandicam - UAC settings

  • Run Bandicam as standard user (non-admin): If you choose this option, the Bandicam UAC window will not pop up. However, some recording targets may not be detected when using 'Game Recording' mode.
  • Run Bandicam as administrator: If you choose this option, the Bandicam UAC window will always appear, and Bandicam will hook recording target processes without any issues.
  • Run as administrator only on 'Game Recording' mode: If you choose this option, the Bandicam UAC window will pop up only if 'Game Recording' mode is selected.