Auto Start Recording

How to auto start screen recording when Windows starts

If you want to automatically record the computer screen whenever Windows starts, check the following 4 options in Bandicam's [Advanced Options].

Auto Start Recording, bandicam

  • Start Bandicam minimized to tray : This feature allows Bandicam to start minimized to the system trayview
  • Turn off tray balloon notifications : This feature allows Bandicam users to turn off tray balloon notifications.
    - To always check the recording status of Bandicam, add the Bandicam icon to the system tray (notification area)view.
  • Run Bandicam on Windows startup : This feature allows the Bandicam program to automatically open when Windows starts.
  • Start full-screen recording on Bandicam startup : This feature allows Bandicam to start full-screen recording.

If you check the above 4 options, the computer screen is automatically recorded in Fullscreen Recording mode.

Auto Full Screen Recording, bandicam

Essential Tips for Auto start screen recording

  • Tip 1) Record the computer screen every hour

    Auto Start Recording, bandicam

    If you use the " Auto Complete Recording" function, you can set a video file to be created every hour.

  • Tip 2) Best settings for recording many hours

    How to reduce the file size

    1) AVI is better than the MP4 container when Bandicam is abnormally terminated due to power outage and other issues while recording.

    2) If you have a problem with hardware-accelerated video codecs such as H264 (Intel Quick Sync Video, NVIDIA NVENC or AMD VCE/VCN), try the H264 (CPU) video codec.

    3) To reduce the file size of the video, you can choose from the options below:

    • Change the video size from "Full size" to "Half size" (Optional)
    • Change the FPS (frames per second) value from "30" to "10" (Optional)
    • Select the "H264" video codec (Recommended)
    • Change the Quality value from "80" to "10" (Optional)
    • Uncheck the "Record sound" option (Optional)

  • Tip 3) Power & sleep settings

    power and sleep settings for screen recording

    If you want to record your computer for a long duration, select the "Never" option in "Power & sleep settings" to keep your monitor on, which is optimal.

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  • Capture 4K Ultra HD videos up to 3840x2160
  • Record over 24 hours without stopping
  • Upload a captured video to YouTube