'Screen Recording' mode | Around mouse

To record around the mouse cursor being moved by the user over the computer screen, start Bandicam, choose the 'Screen Recording Mode' and open the 'Around mouse' menu. The 'Around mouse' screen recording mode allows you to record the full or partial area of the computer screen while hiding the recording status bar.

Video tutorial of 'Screen Recording' mode (Around mouse)

How to record a certain area around the mouse cursor while moving the mouse.

1. Download Bandicam from the official website (https://www.bandicam.com/downloads/).

2. Start Bandicam and choose the 'Around mouse' mode. Bandicam, record around mouse, record a partial area

3. Click the ' REC' button or press the hotkey (F12) to start/stop the recording. Bandicam, start/stop recording

4. Click on the video icon to play, edit, or upload the captured videos. Bandicam, captured videos

* How to check the recording status

If you add the Bandicam icon to the taskbar, you can check the recording status while using the 'Around mouse' screen recording mode. Show the Bandicam icon to the taskbar, system tray