How to Record Your Computer Screen

Windows Screen Recorder

Recording computer screens has never been easier, as modern technology has made it possible to record a variety of devices such as computers or smartphones. Today, anyone can record their computer screen with audio and upload it to YouTube in a few clicks. Even better, Bandicam, the most advanced screen recording program, allows users to capture computer screens, video tutorials, online academic lessons, walkthroughs, etc.

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How to screen record on Windows 10 or Windows 11

With screen recording software, anyone can screen record lectures, webinars, PowerPoints, and Skype video calls with computer sound and audio narration from the microphone. If you use Bandicam Screen Recorder, you can record everything on your PC screen with computer sound.

Please follow the steps below to record your computer screen:

  1. Start Bandicam and choose the 'Rectangle on a screen' mode.

    Windows Screen Recorder

  2. Click the ' REC' button or press the hotkey (F12) to start/stop the recording.

    Bandicam, rectangle screen recording

How to capture the entire desktop screen of Windows

  1. Start Bandicam and choose the 'Fullscreen' mode.

    screen video capture, record full screen

  2. Click the ' REC' button or press the hotkey (F12) to start/stop the recording.

    start screen recording

  3. Click on the video icon to play, edit, or upload the captured videos.

    Bandicam, captured videos

How to record your screen with sound

  1. Start Bandicam and select the recording mode you want to use.

    screen recorder for pc, bandicam recording mode

  2. Bandicam sound settings

    record computer sound

    • Choose "(Default Output Device)" as Speakers in Bandicam to record your computer sound.
    • If you want to record computer sound and your voice, select "(Default Output Device)" for the Speakers and "Your microphone device" for the Microphone. » How to record microphone sound
  3. Press the recording start/stop shortcut key (F12) or click the '● REC' button.

    start recording

  4. If you click on the speaker or microphone icon while recording, the sound will be muted and not recorded.

    Mute during recording

  5. Once you've finished recording, check your recorded video.

Additional Tips

1. A real-time drawing function is available.

Users can simultaneously draw lines, boxes, or highlights while recording in 'Screen Recording' mode. » Real-time drawing

2. Zoom In and Out while Screen Recording.

Users can zoom in and out of the computer screen while recording by using the Windows Magnifier with Bandicam. » Zoom In and Out

Windows magnifier

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