Registration Successfully Completed.

Please see the Bandicam license policy below:

1. License Registration

  • If the license is registered, you cannot get a refund, resell the license, or change the email address associated with the license.
  • With a 1-PC license, you can register up to 1 computer. If the maximum license count is exceeded, the user's license could be revoked without a refund.

2. License Management

1) How to use a 1-PC license on 2 computers

Even if you do not use Bandicam at the same time on 2 different computers, you must purchase a 2-PC license to use it on two devices. If you want to use a 1-PC license on another computer, you must either uninstall the existing registered Bandicam or purchase another license.

2) How to transfer the license to another computer

If you uninstall/unregister Bandicam, format your computer, or your computer is broken, you can re-use/transfer the licenseview to another computer. (We highly recommend you unregister Bandicamview before formatting.)

3) I lost my serial number

Go to and enter the email address used for purchasing the license in the "Resend Purchased License" section. The license will then be sent to your email again. Please send your payment receipt to if you forgot or cannot access your email address. If you don't have the receipt, you must repurchase the license.