The video and audio are out of sync. Sound is too fast / slow.

The audio is out of sync in [Screen recording mode]

1. Download and install the latest graphics card driver from the graphics card manufacturer's website.

- Nvidia:
- Intel:
- AMD:

2. After installing the latest Bandicam program, select the XVID or H264 (CPU) codec and try recording.

Select the XVID or H264 (CPU) codec, Bandicam

3. Turn off the "Use enhanced capture method" option and try recording.

enhanced recording area, Bandicam

4. If the "microphone" is out of sync, check the "Listen to this device" option.

Listen to this device, recording setting

  • Please select "(Default Output Device)" as the Speakers and “Disable” as the Microphone in the Bandicam Recording settings.
  • Go to the Recording tab, and then right-click on Microphone and select Properties.
  • Check “Listen to this device” option, and try recording.

5. After reinstalling the sound card driver, try recording.

The audio is out of sync in [Device recording mode]

If you've recorded a webcam (or used device recording mode) and the audio is out of sync, try the below.

1. Download and install the latest webcam / device driver from the website of the device (webcam) manufacturer.

2. Check the "Use custom audio device" option and try recording.

Use custom audio device

3. Try selecting a different format such as MJPG or YUV2 instead of H264.

select video device, select format/codec, Bandicam

If the above does not solve the audio sync problem, please record your Bandicam and Windows sound settings, and then send the video file to

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