Black Screen Problem: The recorded video file is black

The reason for the black screen is because of the "Video Acceleration Function (Overlay output)" or "Copy-protection program. To solve the problem, please see the below instructions.

1. Start Bandicam before the recording target.

While Bandicam is running, Bandicam shuts off the overlay output. If Bandicam is running, the streaming videos will not be played through the overlay output.

2. Please try the 'Game Recording' mode instead of the 'Screen Recording' mode.

To record a game, please use the Game Recording mode of Bandicam.

Game and Screen Recording mode

3. Try Chrome (or Firefox) to record a copy-protected video.

If you can't record a specific website/video such as Netflix, it might be a problem with a copy-protection program. Restart your Windows, run Chrome (or Firefox), and try to record the website/video again. If you still have the problem, you can't record the copy-protected website/video.

4. Windows Media player can show the black screen when playing the recorded video.

Try the latest version of Bandicam and VLC/POT media player.

5. Change the "video acceleration function" setting (Windows XP only).

Click the right mouse button on the main screen of the computer, and click the 'Properties' option, then go through 'Display Properties > Settings > Advanced > Troubleshoot, and set to 'None' at the hardware acceleration menu.

6. Re-install the graphics card driver and DirectX.

7. If you still have the problem, send your video file to

You may send the video file through the storage service below:
  • Google Drive (15GB):
  • Onedrive (10GB):
  • (10GB):
  • Dropbox (2GB):

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