How to record computer sound

If you set the sound settings correctly in Bandicam and Windows, you can record all the sounds from your computer.

1. [Windows Vista/7/8/10] To record your computer sound

If you choose "(Default Output Device)" as Speakers in Bandicam and set "Speakers (or Headphones)" as the default play device(green check mark) in Windows sound settings, you will be able to record your computer sound.

Bandicam sound recording

2. [No sound] Solutions for sound recording

1) If the sound is not recorded even though "(Default Output Device)" is selected in Bandicam, try selecting the speaker (or headphone) device directly.

select speakers or headphones

2) If you still can't record computer sound, please check the Windows sound settings as shown below:

Recording computer sound, not plugged in, disabled, ready, set as default device

  • If you see "Not plugged in", please connect the audio cable to your computer.
  • If you see "Disabled", please select the "Enable" option.
  • If you see "Ready", please set "Speakers (or Headphones)" as the default sound device.
  • Please select 'Open Volume Mixer' in the system tray, and set the Device/Applications volume to 70%~90%.

3) If you set the sound settings of Bandicam and Windows correctly, you will see the sound bar when recording.

sound bar when recording

4) If you still have the sound recording problem, try reinstall the sound card driver and uncheck "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and try again.

3. How to record computer sound in Windows XP

To record computer sound in Windows XP, choose "Primary Sound Capture Driver" (or audio device to be captured) as the primary sound device in Bandicam, and then check the "Stereo Mix" option in Windows.

Change recording device

* Windows XP settings (Stereo Mix)

1. Right-click on the Speaker icon in the system tray -> Open Volume control -> please click Properties.

2. Select the 'Recording' icon from the 'Properties' window, and then check the 'Stereo Mix' option.

  • If there is no "Stereo Mix" option, you can check 'Wake output mix', 'What U hear', 'Stereo out', 'Mixed output', 'Post-mix', 'Loop back', 'SUM' and the like.

3. Set the volume of Stereo Mix to 70%~90%.

  • If there is a 'Mute' check-box instead of a 'Select' check-box, the box needs to be unchecked.

* Tips

Tip 1) If you use Windows XP, you can't record computer sounds with the 'USB headset/sound device'.

Tip 2) If the sound is not recorded even after setting as above, try reinstalling the sound card driver again.

If you still can't record your computer sound, record the sound settings of Bandicam/Windows and send the video file to

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