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Easily record your computer sound or voice with Bandicam’s Audio Only Recording Mode. You can automatically start or stop the audio recording at a specific time, reduce external noise such as keyboard sounds, and mute during the recording.

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Bandicam’s Audio Only Recording Mode enables you to selectively record either your computer sound or voice, or even both. You can set the audio recording to start and end automatically at a specific time on a daily/weekly schedule. Moreover, you can mute the sound while recording your audio.

How to Record Only Audio on a Windows PC with Bandicam

Computer audio & voice recording

With Bandicam, you can easily record your voice, audio from your computer (such as sound from YouTube or other audio sources), or both.

  • Choose the 'Audio Only' menu, select the speaker or microphone device, and press the ' REC' button to start/stop the audio recording.

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Computer audio/voice recording, Audio Only

Audio recording for 24 hours, Auto-Complete recording

You can record sound for more than 24 hours with Bandicam. For example, you can use Windows Task Scheduler to set a time for the recording to begin automatically when Windows starts, or Bandicam's ‘Auto-Complete Recording’ feature to repeat the audio recording every hour or to stop recording after 30 seconds of silence.

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Audio recording for 24 hours, Auto complete recording

Schedule recording: Record sound at a specified time

Using Bandicam's 'Scheduled Recording' feature, you can set the sound recording to start and end automatically at a specific time on a daily/weekly basis.

  • To schedule audio recording, start Bandicam, choose the 'Audio only' recording mode, and select the '(Do not change)' option in the Scheduled Recording settings.

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Schedule recording, Record sound at a specified time

Record and save audio as MP3 or WAV

Bandicam allows you to save your audio as an MP3 or WAV file.

  • MP3 is the most common audio format that has good compression and compatibility.
  • WAV file is a lossless audio format that does not compress the original analog audio.

Audio Recording format settings »

Bandicam, save audio as MP3 or WAV

Mute during audio recording

If you click on the speaker or microphone icon on the Bandicam window while recording your audio, the sound will be muted and not recorded.

Mute during audio recording

Noise Suppression Filter

If you use the noise suppression feature, you can record your voice by reducing external noise, such as mouse clicks and keyboard sounds.

  • You can select a value for the Low/Medium/High option in the Noise Suppression Filter.
Bandicam, Noise Suppression filter

Frequently Asked Questions for Audio Recording

1. How can I record streaming audio for free?

Bandicam is the best free audio recording software, which can record everything you hear on your computer. For example, you can record streaming audio from the news, e-learning websites, YouTube, Zoom meetings, and more.

2. How can I record my voice on my laptop with a microphone?

Bandicam is a free voice recorder that lets you easily record your voice. In addition, Bandicam's noise suppression function reduces the background noise of the surrounding environment during voice recording.
» Details can be found on this Voice recording tutorial page.

3. Can I record streaming music on my computer/laptop?

You can use the Bandicam audio recorder to record music from YouTube, Skype, TikTok, etc., on your computer or laptop. For example, you can download YouTube music as an MP3 file by recording computer audio.
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4. How do I convert MP4 to MP3?

You can extract audio from any video file you have using the Bandicut software. Simply download Bandicut and convert your MP4 video to an MP3 audio file. With these simple steps, you can listen to the MP3 file on a portable device such as a smartphone or tablet.
» Here is a guide, "How to Extract MP3 from MP4," to help you get started.

5. How can I use my phone as a microphone for a PC?

If you don’t have a microphone but have to record your voice, use microphone apps to turn your phone into a microphone for your computer. The following article demonstrates how you can use a phone as a PC or wireless microphone.
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