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  • Cut, join, split and more in a single application
  • Supports hardware accelerated Intel/NVIDIA/AMD H.264 encoders
  • Maintain the original audio quality when you extract .MP3 from MP4/DVD

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How to Extract MP3 from MP4 for Free

Do you want to extract mp3 audio files from MP4 and listen to them on your smartphone, iPhone or computer? If you use Bandicut, you can convert your MP4 files into the desired mp3 in only a few clicks. There is no need to download additional features or have to change advanced settings.

Once you are ready to convert MP4 to MP3, simply import the MP4 file, and check the 'Extract audio tracks (.mp3)' option on Bandicut. When you have finished the conversion, you can play the .mp3 files from anywhere at any time! More and more people choose Bandicut to convert MP4 to mp3 because it is quick, easy to use, and will deliver your mp3 content without losing any audio quality.

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Convert MP4 to MP3 and simply copy the file to your smartphone

You enjoy listening to music on your smartphone but if it is in MP4 format, you have to keep the smartphone display on to play MP4 video files Once you have extracted the MP3 audio file from MP4, you can continue playing your preferred audio on your smartphone without interruptions.

How to Convert MP4 to MP3

To convert your MP4 video to mp3 audio, all you need to do is download/install Bandicut, import the MP4 file, and check the 'Extract audio tracks (.mp3)' option.

1. Download the free version of Bandicut, click the 'Cut' button and open the MP4 file.

Once you are ready to convert your MP4 to mp3, import the MP4 file to your Bandicut converter.

Video Editor, Video editing, recommend 1

2. If you want to cut a specific part of the video, set the beginning/end points of the portion you want to save.

Simply move the slider to select the beginning/end portion.

Video Editor, Video editing, recommend 3

3. Check the 'Extract audio tracks (.mp3)' option and then click the 'Start' button.

MP4 to MP3, Extract audio tracks(.mp3)

4. You will now get a new audio file (.mp3) which has been extracted from the video file.

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