Frequently Asked Questions about Bandicut Video Cutter.

Configuration / Failure / Problem

  1. What is the difference between [High-Speed mode] and [Encoding mode]?
  2. Please explain [Encoding mode] - Codec, Quality, Size, and Sound Configuration.
  3. I cannot select the cutting area properly.
  4. I cannot use [High-Speed mode].
  5. "Output folder" and "Cache folder".
  6. I need technical support.

Purchase / Refund / Quotation

  1. How to purchase/register Bandicut
  2. Bandicut License Policy: Registration, Upgrade, Refund
  3. Reseller FAQ and quotation
  4. Can I get a refund after registering the Bandicut Serial?
  5. If you’ve lost your Bandicut serial number
  6. Error message: Cannot connect to the registration server

If you still have the problem, please send the original video file to through (10GB), Onedrive (10GB) or Dropbox (2GB~). We will respond to your email ASAP.

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