How to select the cutting area

Bandicut is able to cut precisely between "any frames" that the user selects.

Bandicut main window

You can adjust the cutting area with the playback controls, the left/right [Section] buttons or mouse wheel.

Bandicut, Video Cutting Section

  • You can adjust the cutting area with the playback controls.
  • You can use the left/right [Section] buttons to select a cutting area to be clipped.
  • You can use the 'Adjustment buttons' or the 'Mouse Wheel' to adjust [ Hour : Minute : Second : Frame ]

* Term) Frame and Keyframe

Other video cutting programs are only able to cut between "keyframes". However, Bandicut allows the user to precisely select the cutting area and quickly cut the selected area by frame instead of just keyframes. Frame vs. Keyframeview
  • Frame: A frame is a single shot of a series of still transparent pictures that form a video. (A frame contains partial information of a still scene.)
  • Keyframe: A video file has a limited number of keyframes - not every frame is a keyframe. A keyframe is a frame used to indicate the beginning or end of a change made to the signal. (A keyframe contains full information of a still scene.)

If you cannot select a cutting area, the video is probably Keyframe-less or corrupt. In this case, convert the video with [High-Speed mode] or [Encoding mode]view and then re-open the video file that has been created by Bandicut.

If you cannot move to the previous frame with the playback controls, click the [Move to Previous Keyframe] button or change the time to 1 second before, and then click the [Move to Next Frame] button. (Screenshotview)

If you cannot cut a video by frame in high-speed mode, uncheck the Always cut/merge by keyframe in High-speed modeview option and try again. If you still have problems, please use the [Encoding mode]view of Bandicut.

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