How to install Bandicut

Please follow the steps below to install Bandicut.

1. Download and Run

First, go to, and click the 'Download' button. Next, click the 'Run' button.

How to install Bandicut 01

- Download:

2. Setup window

The 'Bandicut Setup window' will appear. Click 'Next' to continue.

How to install Bandicut 02

3. License Agreement

If you accept the terms, click 'I Agree' to continue.

How to install Bandicut 03

4. Choose Components

Choose the components you want to install. Click 'Next' to continue.

How to install Bandicut 04

5. Choose installation location

Enter the location where you want to install Bandicut and click 'Install' to continue.

How to install Bandicut 05

If you see the "Error opening file for writing" or "Bandicut is in use" error message, end the "bdcut.exe" process from Task Manager and try again.

End task/process, Bandicut

6. Installation complete

When you see the 'Completing the Bandicut Setup window', click 'Finish' to complete your installation.

How to install Bandicut 06

7. Start Bandicut

Click the 'Bandicut' icon on your desktop or click the 'bdcut.exe' file in the installation folder.

Start Bandicut, safemode

If Bandicut doesn't start, go to the installation folder (C:\Program Files\Bandicut), click the "bdcut_safemode" shortcut. (It will disable some features of Bandicut including hardware accelerated encoding.)