I need technical support.

For normal inquiries, email us at bandicut@bandicam.com or visit the Bandicut forum.

If you need technical support, please attach the file information and a log file of the video which has a problem with Bandicut.

1. File Information

Import a video file -> Bandicut menu -> File Information (Ctrl + F1) -> Click 'Copy to Clipboard'.

You can now paste (Ctrl + V) the file information to bandicut@bandicam.com or the Bandicut forum.

2. Create a log file (.log)

Bandicut menu -> Configuration (F5) -> Check 'Create a log file (.log)'. A log file (.log) will be created whenever you start video cutting. You can now attach the log file (.log) to bandicut@bandicam.com or the Bandicut forum.

3. Send your video file

You may send your video file to bandicut@bandicam.com through Dropbox or other storage service to get precise feedback.

- Dropbox (2GB~): http://www.dropbox.com/

- Onedrive (10GB~): https://onedrive.live.com/

- The free Dropbox account can upload up to 2GB or higher.

If you can't send the video because of the file size, please send the header/footer information through "Bandicam Header Cutter".

Download https://dl.bandicam.com/tools/HeaderCutter.exe and open the video file, and then attach the header/footer file (.head and .rear) to bandicut@bandicam.com or the Bandicut forum.

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