I need technical support.

If you need technical support, please send your video file to bandicut@bandicam.com through Dropbox or other storage service to get precise feedback.

If you can't send the video because of the file size, please send the file information, log file and header/footer file.

File Information

Import a video file -> Bandicut menu -> File Information (Ctrl + F1) -> Click 'Copy to Clipboard'. You can now paste (Ctrl + V) the file information to bandicut@bandicam.com. Bandicut, video file information

Create a log file (.log)

Bandicut menu -> Configuration (F5) -> Check 'Create a log file (.log)'. A log file (.log) will be created whenever you start video cutting. You can now attach the log file (.log) to bandicut@bandicam.com. Bandicut, Create a log file

Send the header/footer file (.head and .rear)

If you can't send the video because of the file size, please download https://dl.bandicam.com/tools/HeaderCutter.exe and open the video file, and then attach the header/footer file (.head and .rear) to bandicut@bandicam.com. bandicut, video file header cutter

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