Upload videos to YouTube from Bandicut

How to upload the edited video to YouTube from Bandicut

Bandicut 2.6.0 versions and higher allow you to upload the videos to YouTube.com directly.
Bandicut, YouTube

* Please see the tutorial below to upload videos to YouTube from Bandicut.

1. Click the [Upload] button when the task has been completed.

Bandicut video uploader

2. Sign in with your Google account by entering your email address and password.

YouTube sign up

3. Click the "Allow" button to connect "Bandicut" to your Google account.

Register YouTube

4. Uploading will start once you click the "Allow" button.

Video uploading

5. After uploading, click the [Copy] button to share your video on other websites.

Video uploaded
- If you click the [Go] button, you will see the uploaded video.

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