The Configuration window allows the user to configure the main settings related to Bandicut such as choosing the default output folder, using a hardware accelerated H.264 encoder, changing the default language, etc.

Configuration :: General

Press the 'F5' function key or click the 'Configuration' menu to configure the main settings as shown below: Bandicut - Configuration, General

  • Options
    • Alert when opening non-seekable media files: Show a message when file/header information is broken.
    • Alert when a file with that name already exists: If it is unchecked, the file is saved as "Filename (2).avi/mp4".
    • Alert when saving a project file: Show an alert message when you try to open a new file while editing.
    • Open the output folder when complete: Check this option to open the output folder after editing.
    • Create a log file(.log): Check this option to see the video settings, output settings after cutting/merging/splitting.
    • Save the file information at the beginning of the file (only MP4): If this option is checked, Bandicut will move the video information (MOOV) to the beginning of your video files which allows you to enable MP4 streaming.
      (It lets the video begin playing before the entire video is downloaded.)
    • Preserve creation date/time of the original file(Tag data): Keep the original data/time of the video.
    • Show tip/information: If this option is checked, Bandicut will show the tip/information at the bottom of Bandicut.
    • Move input position when pressing number keys: If this option is checked, the input position is moved to the next section when a user inputs a number.
  • Upload options: Select the default setting for video uploading (YouTube or Vimeo).
  • Reset: Click this button to reset all Bandicut settings to the default.

Configuration :: Output

Bandicut - Output, folder

  • Output folder: Click [Browse...] to change the output folder, and click [Open] to view the output folder.
    • Save to the Source Folder: The output files are saved to the same folder as the source file.
  • File naming settings: This option allows you to set the file name of the output video and audio files.

Configuration :: Codec

Bandicut - Configuration, Codec

  • Software Encoder: If you have a system equipped with Windows XP or a later OS, you can use the 'H.264' video codec as shown above.
  • Intel Quick Sync Video (Hardware, Fast): If you have Windows 7/8/10, a new Intel CPU (i3/5/7), you can use the embedded hardware acceleration function to cut/merge/split videos at a higher speed than "Software Encoder".

Configuration :: Language

Users can choose other languages of Bandicut. Bandicut - Configuration, Language

Configuration :: High Speed

Bandicut - Configuration, High Speed