How to cut videos, join/merge segments, split videos

With Bandicut, anyone can easily cut certain parts or merge multiple videos. You can also quickly extract audio tracks (.mp3) from a video, split a large video file into smaller video clips or trim unwanted parts of a video such as commercials, outtakes, and trailers.

1. Bandicut Video Cutter

You can cut and save specific parts of a video while preserving the original quality.

2. Bandicut Video Splitter

You can split a video into multiple equal files.

3. Bandicut Video Joiner

You can join multiple videos or merge more than 2 video files.

4. How to Remove Unwanted Parts of a Video (Advertisements, Commercial Breaks)

You can remove unwanted parts of a video.

5. How to extract audio from video (MP4 to MP3, AVI to MP3)

You can extract audio tracks (.mp3) from a video.

6. How to speed up or slow down a video

You can set the playback speed of a video from 0.5x to 99.9x.

7. How to Convert video files to MP4/WebM

You can convert specific parts of the video or combine multiple videos, and save it as an MP4 file.