Bandicut window

The Bandicut window allows the user to cut a certain part of a video, merge multiple sections, and split a video into multiple files, as well as configure the main settings related to Bandicut. Bandicut main window

  • Bandicut menu: It allows the user to check the major functions of Bandicut from the drop-down menu.
  • Start Page, Cutter, Joiner and license information: It allows the user to go to the start page, cutting page, joining page or license information page.
  • Configuration: It allows the user to configure the main settings related to Bandicut.
  • Cut: It allows the user to cut and save a certain part of a video
  • Split: It allows the user to split a video into multiple equal files.
  • Join: It allows the user to join multiple videos or merge more than 2 video files.
  • Register: It allows the user to register the serial number purchased from the Bandicut purchase website.

Main window control

Bandicut UI description

  • Thumbnail: Click the thumbnail image to play/split/delete the selected section.
  • Close File, Move Up/Down, Merge segments, Add segment
    • Move Up/Down: Click the 'Move Up/Down' button to change the order of the segments.
    • Merge segments: Check the 'Merge segments' option to merge multiple sections.
    • Add Segment (+): Click the 'Add segment' button to cut unwanted parts or merge multiple sections.
  • Open File, Open/Save Project File
    • Open File: Click the 'Open File' button to import a video you want to edit.
    • Open/Save Project File: Click the 'Open/Save Project File' button to open/Save a Bandicut Project File (*.bcpf) which contains the file location information.
  • Playback controls: Adjust the cutting area with the playback controls.
    • Playing time: Check the current playing time and total play time of the video.
    • Previous/Next Keyframe: Move to the previous/next keyframe.
    • Previous/Next Frame: Move to the previous/next frame.
    • Play/Pause: Play or pause videos.
    • Stop: Stop playback of videos.
  • Segment Start/End, Playhead
    • Segment Start/End: Use the left/right [Section] button to select a cutting area to be clipped.
    • Playhead: Preview and move the current video location through 'Playhead' and 'Mouse Wheel'.
  • Start/end time
    • Set Segment Start/End Time ( [, ] ): Click the [Set Segment Start/End Time] button to fix the cutting section.
    • Start/end time: Set the start/end time of a segment in detail.
    • Use the 'Adjustment buttons' to set the starting/ending section. video cutting in detail
    • To adjust [ Hour : Minute : Second : Frame ], click the section, and then use the 'Adjustment buttons' or 'Mouse Wheel'. Video cutting by Hr : Min : Sec : Frame

* Term) Frame and Keyframe

Frame and Keyframe, video frame, video keyframe

Bandicut is able to cut precisely between "any frames" that the user selects. Other video cutting programs cut only between "keyframes". However, Bandicut allows the user to precisely select the cutting area and quickly cut the selected area by frame.
  • Frame: A frame is a single shot of a series of still transparent pictures that form a video. (A frame contains partial information of a still scene.)
  • Keyframe: A video file has a limited number of keyframes - not every frame is a keyframe. A keyframe is a frame used to indicate the beginning or end of a change made to the signal. (A keyframe contains full information of a still scene.)
  • If there is a 30 FPS video, it will have 30 "Frames" and may have 1~5 (?) "Keyframes" per second.
  • Bandicut can cut videos by frame.