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How to Make or Add an Intro to YouTube Video

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A new video is uploaded to YouTube every minute, accumulating more than 500 hours of footage in a single hour. In reality, over 2 billion individuals — nearly one-third of all Internet users — constituting more than 100 countries and 80 languages view one billion hours of Clips on YouTube every day.

If you are planning on starting a YouTube channel, you will have to use your hidden weapon: your own YouTube Intro to get people’s attention.

The use of YouTube intro videos may be very effective in attracting viewers, retaining them on your channel, and turning them to subscribers.

In order to assist you in creating an Intro for your YouTube channel quickly and simply, we’ve put up this thorough guide, which includes helpful tips and techniques on how to make your intro and incorporate it in your video.

How to Make a YouTube Intro

Creating a YouTube video intro is not a difficult job. The intro videos often contain the title of said YouTube channel, marketing elements such as logos and colors, animations, and a sample of music to complement the video content. Here are the simplest and best ways to create an intro. Check out the quick tips and create a YouTube introduction video.

1. Using PowerPoint

use PowerPoint, making YouTube intro

The fact that PowerPoint is a highly strong presentation program is probably not a surprise to you. However, did you know that it can also be used to create stunning YouTube intros and outros? With a little bit of inspiration and basic PowerPoint expertise, you can make your own YouTube intros and outros in PowerPoint.

Step 1. Make your slide more informative by adding information.

  • This may contain things like background video, shapes, pictures, and text. Pixabay and Pexels are websites where you may get video and picture assets.

Step 2. When you have completed the creation of all of the required items, you can begin adding the animations.

Step 3. To make the video, choose File > Export > Create a Video from the menu bar.

  • The choices available to you will vary depending on your PowerPoint version.
  • Another option for creating an intro video is to record a PowerPoint animation using a screen recorder such as Bandicam or to utilize the PowerPoint recording function.

2. Using free intro maker


A free YouTube intro video maker may help you produce high-quality, sophisticated intros for your videos. You may easily utilize any online intro builder such as flixpress, which will take no more than a few minutes of your time to create your intro.
You may submit your own video if you already have one, or you may choose a template and make changes to it.

3. Create intros using After Effects

after effects

One of the most effective methods to give your films a professional appearance is including a high-quality intro. You can make very professional intros with just the most basic After Effects templates and effects. Simply select transitions and effects that you find appealing, apply them to the layer, and run them through the completion setting to see what happens.

How to add an intro to YouTube video

Now, if you’ve created an intro, let’s go through the process of adding this intro to your video. In order to add an intro to video, you will most likely need to use a video editing program. Bandicut is one of the finest editing tools available. It is a fast video-cutting and video-joining software with an intuitive interface.

Step1: Download and run the free version of Bandicut. Then, choose the ‘Join‘ option from the main menu.

video joiner, Bandicut

Step 2: Select the intro and video that you want to join, and click the ‘Start’ button.

join videos

Step 3: Click the ‘Start’ button to begin the video joining process.

joining videos

Step 4: Click the ‘Open’ button to check the joined videos. From Bandicut, you may upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo for others to view.

joining videos
  • To upload videos to YouTube/Vimeo, click the ‘Upload’ button in the toolbar.
  • To playback the videos, click on the ‘Play’ button, which will launch the default media player.


While intros are wonderful additions to videos, they are not required in every situation. It is generally not essential to provide an introduction in a one-time YouTube video, whose primary audience may be a small, casual group of individuals. On the other hand, intros enhance videos that are part of a chain or series on one’s YouTube channel. Intros also prove to be beneficial when one wants to distribute a video publicly. Even a brief introduction will add a professional appearance to your content.


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