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Edit Bandicam recorded videos with high-speed mode in Bandicut
  • Join multiple video files into one video file
  • Cut a video file into multiple segment
  • Edit videos with high-speed mode

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How to edit multiple videos with Bandicut

Join videos first and then remove the unwanted parts from the joined video

If you have to cut and join videos which were produced by the same software/hardware, you should join them before removing the unwanted parts from the video because you can only use High-speed mode for Joiner when all formats (Video resolution, codec, etc.) are exactly the same.

If you first cut then join videos, you may not be able to use High-Speed mode for Joiner because Bandicut encodes for one or two seconds at the beginning and end of the video.

Multiple Videos joining, Multiple Videos cutting
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Steps to edit multiple recorded videos

Step 1> Record videos with the same size in Bandicam

Start recording the video with the same resolution (width*length). The full screen recording modeview is recommended.
If you record the video in the rectangle on a screen modeview, the size of the rectangle on the screen should be the same.

Step 2> Join multiple videos into one with high-speed mode

1. Click the ‘Join’ button in Bandicut, and select multiple video files recorded with Bandicam.

joining multiple videos,bandicut

2. Press the ‘Start’ button and then merge the videos with high-speed mode.

joining multiple videos with high speed mode,bandicut

Step 3> Cut certain parts of a merged video with high-speed mode

1. Click the ‘Cut’ button, and open the merged video file in ‘Step 2’.

cutting a merged video file

2. Set the certain parts you want to use and click the ‘'Add segment (+)' button.

cutting a merged video file

3. Check the 'Merge Segments' option and click the 'Start' button with high-speed mode.
Merge segments

If you work in the same order as above, you can edit the videos with Bandicut’s high-speed mode without losing video quality.

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