Bandicam Screen Recorder Overview

Bandicam consists of the Bandicam window, the Screen recording window, and the BandiFix program.

Bandicam window (DirectX/OpenGL recorder)

The Bandicam window allows users to capture games/streaming videos that use DirectX/OpenGL graphics technologies, and configure the main settings related to Bandicam. » See more

Bandicam main window

Screen recording window (PC screen recorder)

The rectangle screen recording window allows you to capture the 'full or partial' area of the computer (PC) screen. Users also can simultaneously draw lines, boxes, or highlights while recording in 'Screen Recording' mode. » See more

Bandicam Screen Recorder, Drawing

BandiFix (Free video recovery program)

BandiFix is a freeware that can repair broken video files. It can repair broken AVI or MP4 files that have undergone an abnormal termination when recording through Bandicam. » See more