Bandicam window - Overview

The Bandicam window allows users to capture games/streaming videos that use DirectX/OpenGL graphics technologies, and configure the main settings related to Bandicam. Bandicam - Overview

  • You can open the register window, output folder, or online help page.
  • You can select the recording modes (Screen Recording, Game Recording, Device Recording).
  • You can check the mouse/microphone status, duration of the video, file size and the maximum recordable size.
  • You can click the record/stop/pause button and image capture button.
  • You can configure the Bandicam settings and use more advanced functions.

Bandicam window - DPI scaling

You can change the Bandicam window size (50% to 250%) with the DPI scaling function. Bandicam window - DPI scaling

Bandicam window - Minimize to system tray

You can minimize Bandicam to the taskbar or the system tray. Bandicam window - Minimize to system tray

To always check the recording status of Bandicam, add the Bandicam icon to the system tray (notification area)view.