BandiFix - Free AVI Recovery Software, AVI repair tool

BandiFix is freeware that can repair broken AVI files. It's free avi recovery software and it can be used for fixing a corrupted avi video file. It allows you to recover corrupted/broken AVI files that cannot be played.

How to repair a broken avi file

Bandifix can be used for fixing a corrupted avi video file. To repair the broken AVI files, please follow the steps below:

1. Download/install Bandicam.

2. Go to the Bandicam installation folder (C:\Program Files\Bandicam or C:\Program Files (x86)\Bandicam), and click [bdfix.exe] Start Bandifix - Free avi recovery program

3. Click [...] button to open the broken/corrupted avi file and choose the broken file that needs to be fixed. Select the broken avi file

4. The automatic recovery of the corrupted AVI files will take place. Recovered the broken avi file

Free avi repair/recovery software

  • BandiFix allows you to repair broken AVI files due to an abnormal shutdown when recording through Bandicam.
  • It will also help recover other corrupted AVI files that are downloaded from the internet.
  • To use BandiFix, download/install Bandicam from

How to repair an MP4 file

The current version of Bandifix can be used for fixing a corrupted AVI video file. If you chose the .MP4 file, you can't repair it with Bandifix.