H.264 (AMD VCE) encoder for video editing

Hardware acceleration, AMD VCE, H264 Bandicut supports the hardware accelerated H.264 (AMD VCE) encoder which allows you to cut, trim, split, join and convert videos at a higher speed than the software-based encoder. If you use Windows Vista or a later OS and HD 7700 or higher AMD graphics cards, you can encode videos faster than the H.264 (CPU) encoder.

* [Encoding mode - Encoding Settings] and select "H264 (AMD VCE)"

Import the video file, click [Start - Encoding mode - Encoding Settings], and then select the "H.264 (AMD VCE)" encoder.

Bandicut, H.264 (AMD VCE), Hardware acceleration

If you cannot select the "H.264 (AMD VCE)" option...

If you cannot see the "H.264 (AMD VCE)" option from Bandicut, please try the solutions below:

  1. Try the latest version of Bandicut (3.5.0 or higher version) from https://www.bandicut.com

  2. "H.264 (AMD VCE)" is available on Windows Vista/7/8/10.

    - If you use 'Windows XP', the "H.264 (AMD VCE)" menu will not be shown.
  3. Uninstall graphics card driver and re-install the latest AMD video card driver.

  4. Identify the model of your AMD graphics card.

    If your graphics card supports "VIDEO CODEC ENGINE (VCE)", you can use the AMD VCE H.264 encoder.
    Please visit https://www.amd.com/ to check if your graphics card supports "VIDEO CODEC ENGINE (VCE)".

    • Desktop: HD 7700 or higher AMD graphics cards (HD 7700/7800/7970/7990, R7 250X/260/260X /265/360/370, R9, RX 460/470/480/540/560/570/580, Firepro, etc.) support the AMD H.264 encoder.
    • Laptop: HD 7700M/7800M/7900M/8830M/8850M/8870M support the AMD H.264 encoder.

* A comparison between High-speed mode, NVIDIA, Intel, AMD and H.264 (CPU)

High-Speed NVIDIA Intel AMD H.264 (CPU)
Mode High-Speed Encoding(H/W) Encoding(H/W) Encoding(H/W) Encoding(S/W)
Windows Vista/7/8/10 Windows 7/8/10 Windows 7/8/10 Vista/7/8/10 Vista/7/8/10
Bandicut 1.0.1 or higher 3.5.0 or higher 1.0.1 or higher 3.5.0 or higher 1.0.1 or higher
Video card - GTX600 or higher i3, i5, i7 or higher HD7700 or higher -
Speed Ultra-fast
Quality Original quality
Description Edit quickly while preserving the original video quality.

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H.264 (CPU) is slower than the hardware-based encoder.
  • Even if you use the "H264(AMD VCE)" encoder, the encoding speed is slower than the [High-Speed mode] mode.
  • Normally, H264(AMD VCE) is faster than H264(Intel Quick Sync Video), but it is less stable.
  • All things considered, our recommendation is "High-Speed mode > H264(NVIDIA NVENC) > H264(Intel Quick Sync Video) > H264(AMD VCE) > H.264(CPU)".

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