How to Record Mobile Games on Your Computer
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Record gameplay in BlueStacks 5

BlueStacks is a free Android emulator designed to enable Android applications to run on Windows and Mac OS PCs. The emulator runs the Google Play Store app, and a Google account login is required to help install games from the Google Play Store.

Bandicam allows you to directly capture gameplay on BlueStacks 5, as well as record voice and facecam simultaneously without compromising performance.

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How to Record Your Android Games in BlueStacks 5 with Bandicam

  1. Download the latest version of Bandicam and BlueStacks 5 from their official sites.

    • You can record BlueStacks in game recording mode in the latest version, Bandicam 5.3.3.
    • If you want to record BlueStacks in Bandicam's game recording mode, please download the latest version, BlueStacks 5.
  2. Select "Game Recording Mode" and click "Yes" in the "User Account Control" window.

    "Game Recording" mode requires administrator privileges to hook recording target processes without any issues.

    bandicam, game recording mode

  3. Select (Default Output Device) or the speaker device to record your computer sound.

    select speakers or headphones

    Optional: if you want to record your voice (microphone) as well, select a microphone device for the Microphone.

  4. While running a game in 'Game Recording' mode, you can see the green FPS number on the screen.

    Record gameplay in BlueStacks 5

  5. Press the 'F12' function key (or the 'Record' button in Bandicam) to start recording.

    Record gameplay in BlueStacks 5

  6. To stop recording, press the 'F12' function key (or the 'Record' button in Bandicam) again.

  7. Click on the video icon to play, edit, or upload the captured videos.

    You can share or upload the videos directly from Bandicam to social media platforms, such as YouTube and Vimeo.

    Bandicam, captured videos

Additional Tips

1. How to add a facecam to your gameplay.

If you have a computer and a webcam device, you can capture the BlueStacks screen along with Facecam.

Record gameplay in BlueStacks 5

2. How to record an Android smartphone on your PC.

You can record the Android smartphone screen on your PC with Bandicam.

3. How to Record Your iPhone or iPad Screen on your PC.

You can also record an iPhone or iPad screen on your PC.

4. Add text overlay: Recording date/time, watermark, CPU usage.

Bandicam allows users to add a text watermark, recording date/time/timestamp, elapsed recording time, CPU/memory usage, and video resolution to the recorded video.

5. To use Mouse Click Effects, check the "Add mouse click/highlight effect" option.

Users can add mouse cursor, click effects, highlight effects, and click sounds to the video that will be recorded.

Bandicam offers the best online game recording experience.

When you record online games with Bandicam Game Recorder...

You can upload the recorded file to YouTube WITHOUT CONVERTING.

You can RECORD FOR OVER 7 DAYS without stopping (AVI 2.0 OpenDML).

​​Bandicam produces SMALLER FILE SIZES for recordings, compared to other capture programs.

Bandicam has LESS LAG than other screen capture software, since it uses fewer CPU/GPU/RAM resources.