How to record Skyrim gameplay
The Elder Scrolls V

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a role-playing action game, in which players may freely roam over the land of Skyrim, an open world environment consisting of wilderness expanses, dungeons, caves, cities, towns, fortresses, and villages. Over the course of the game, players complete quests and develop their character by getting weapons and improving skills. If you are a Skyrim player, you may want to record your gameplay to share your game strategy and experience with others. This article will show you how to capture Skyrim gameplay.

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Recording Sample Video
  • Title: Bandicam Test Recording Skyrim (Registered Version)
  • Uploaded by GameplayDump on Nov 16, 2011
  • Comment: This was recorded using the paid-for version of Bandicam. There was no compiling or re-rendering done after recording. The file ended up being 330 MB.

Follow the steps below to record Skyrim gameplay:

  1. Download the Skyrim recorder, Bandicam, and start.

  2. Choose the 'Game Recording' mode to record Skyrim gameplay.

    It's better to use 'Game Recording' mode to get a high quality video file.

    record Skyrim gameplay, best game recorder - directx mode

  3. Start the Skyrim game to record.

    Note: For a stable operation, Bandicam needs to be running before starting the Skyrim game.

    • While running a game in 'Game Recording' mode, you can see the green FPS number on the screen.
    • You can control the FPS (frames per second) under the 'FPS' tab of Bandicam. If you can't see the green FPS number, visit No FPS on the recording target.

    Skyrim gameplay recording, ready to record - skyrim gameplay

  4. Press the 'F12' function key (or the 'Record' button in Bandicam) to start recording.

    Skyrim recording, f12 key to start/stop the recording gameplay

  5. During the recording, the green FPS number will change to red.

    record skyrim gameplay

  6. To stop recording, press the 'F12' function key (or the 'Record' button in Bandicam) again.

  7. Click on the video icon to play, edit, or upload the captured videos.

    Bandicam, captured videos

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