Best Bandicam settings for video editing software

With Bandicam, the recorded video can be directly edited by Bandicut. Bandicut is an essential program for Bandicammers. It allows Bandicammers to cut parts of video without losing the original video quality. However, if you want to edit the recorded video with professional video editing programs such as Vegas Pro, Adobe Premiere, Camtasia and Pinnacle Studio, you should change the codec settings of Bandicam.

1. When editing with Bandicut

If you click the ‘Edit’ button, the captured video can be edited by the fast and lossless video cutter called Bandicut. Bandicut allows users to join multiple videos or cut a certain part of a video quickly and easily through High-Speed mode.

Record with Bandicam, edit the recorded video with Bandicut

2. AVI: Motion JPEG + PCM (Recommended for most users)

To edit the recorded video with professional video editing programs, please click the 'Settings' button under the 'Video' tab, and choose the "Motion JPEG" and "PCM" codecs as shown below:

AVI container

  • If you want to keep the original video quality, please try the "Lagarith lossless codec" instead of "Motion JPEG".
  • If you can't edit videos with the "Motion JPEG and PCM" codecs, please check the Two Sound Mixing option.
  • If you have an audio sync issue with the "Motion JPEG and PCM" codecs, reduce the video resolution of the recording target and reduce the video size, FPS and video quality of Bandicam.

3. MP4: The "Prefer CFR" option (Recommended for advanced users)

Please click the '[...]' button in the format settings, and choose 'Prefer CFR' as shown below:

MP4 container

  • Even if you choose the "Prefer CFR" option, the video will automatically be saved as VFR if the encoder's performance is not good enough. To edit a VFR video, you have to convert the VFR video to CFR.
  • Optional) If you change "Keyframe Interval" from "150" to "1" after clicking the [...] button at the video codec menu, all frames become keyframes, so you can edit a video precisely. (If you set "1" as the keyframe interval, the file size becomes larger.)

4. To convert VFR video to CFR

If you have already recorded the video with VFR which is the default setting of Bandicam, please change it to CFR video using Bandicut so that you can edit it with video editing programs.
Please download Bandicut -> 1) Open a VFR video -> 2) Click the "Start" button -> 3) "Encoding mode" -> 4) Click the "Encoding Settings" and then select 30 FPS to get a 30-FPS CFR video.

To convert VFR vdieo to CFR, Bandicut