How to Record a Facebook video call or video chat

Facebook has remained the most popular social media platform used by millions of people worldwide. Although video calls have been around for some time with the introduction of Skype, it has been introduced to Facebook with favorable results. For those who connect with their friends, family and businesses on Facebook using real time messaging, video chat makes communication faster and simpler. Since the release of the video call feature, more Facebook users are video chatting than ever before.

To record your video chats much like prior messenger services, you can achieve high quality video footage with the best on-screen recorder program. Bandicam is the future of screen and streaming recording. Whether they are live streams or previously recorded footage uploaded to your preferred media channels, Bandicam is the one to trust. Its latest technology can be used on YouTube, Webex, and Twitch but now it can also be used to record Facebook video calls in real-time.

How to record a video call or video chat

Bandicam allows you to record Facebook video calls on your Windows Operating System. Providing the most convenience and simplicity, Bandicam makes it possible to retain a lifelong copy of your Facebook video calls with ease. The online services and modern features provided by Bandicam support both individuals and businesses.

How to record Facebook Live: Online streaming videos

Facebook Live allows people to share live video with their followers and friends on Facebook. It is the best way to interact with viewers in real time. Recording Facebook live streaming videos is a convenient and fast way to copy shared information, records and important events. After the broadcast ends, the Live video will be published to the Page or profile. The problem is that the video post can be removed by broadcaster at any time.

Record Facebook live streaming videos, Record Facebook live videos

Bandicam makes it possible to have Facebook live streaming recorded and saved in a preferred file format by followers or friends. Whether you wish to keep the streaming video as part of evidence or wish to share a heartfelt message with a loved one, recording Facebook Live can be achieved with Bandicam.

Benefits from Bandicam’s unique features include fast recording times, the elimination of sluggish video recording and clear audio. The Bandicam video quality is of a high standard ensuring that your recorded Facebook Live is clear and easy to understand.

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How to start recording a Facebook video call/chat or live video

To start recording with Bandicam during your Facebook video call or live streaming, simply download the free version of Bandicam and use the screen recording mode of Bandicam. You can record Facebook video calls or online live streaming in high-quality.

Please follow the steps below to save a Facebook video chat/live to your local computer.

  1. Download Bandicam and choose the Screen Recording Mode.
  2. Start Facebook Live or click the Facebook video chat icon icon to start a Facebook video chat.
  3. Move the rectangle window of Bandicam and click the [ REC ] button.

    Bandicam, screen recording mode, video capture

  4. You can now play, edit, or upload the saved Facebook chat/live videos.

    Bandicam, record webinar, screen recording mode

How to cut a clip out of a long live streaming video

By default, Facebook has a time limit of 8 hours on a PC and 4 hours on a mobile device per livestream. If you have recorded a long Facebook streaming video, you may use Bandicut Video Cutter to cut a clip out of the recorded video.

How to cut a long video, edit live streaming videos, bandicut

Screenshots of Bandicam Screen Recorder

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