How to record Twitch streams with audio

What is Twitch? Why is it so popular?


Twitch is the world's leading live streaming platform for gamers. Amazon acquired Twitch Interactive for US$970 million on August 25, 2014.

Twitch TV has become one of the most widely used platforms where live streaming can be accessed by fans, followers and subscribers. It is popular in the online gaming community, and allows followers to subscribe to their favorite gamers’ channels while watching them play online games. Many gamers post streamed episodes from prior gameplay and post to Twitch to continue to generate revenue.

Choose Bandicam for High Quality Twitch Stream Recording

Now you can record your online stream seamlessly and easily with Bandicam. As the number 1 recorder in the world, we deliver effortless recording your viewers and subscribers will appreciate.

Why Bandicam for recording Twitch streams?

Bandicam software is so simple to use, you will appreciate high resolution video footage for professional online production.

For gamers, the recording capabilities of Bandicam are simply unmatched. This is why we have become the world’s number one recording software of live streams and more. To use Twitch to stream previous recordings, you need to be equipped to film the streamed events from your screen. This is where Bandicam makes all the difference. Streams from a television or computer screen can suffer from significant lag. Bandicam helps you record online game play in real time and without slowed video playback, keep your viewers happy and your advertisers on board, with quality recording of live and pre-recorded streams.

How to record Twitch, Twitch recording software

To become part of the live revenue stream on Twitch, you need high quality video recording. Some of the best streamers on the site are earning hundreds and thousands in revenue! With the most impressive video streaming services offered by Bandicam, you can rely on high quality video to post to your subscribers.

Bandicam Screen Recorder is the perfect solution for recording Twitch streams. Bandicam has been designed for people who need to record all screen activity on a computer screen with audio. It allows you to record Twitch streams for over 24 hours without stopping. With Bandicam, you can record Twitch streams in high quality video and upload it to YouTube.

Try Bandicam Screen Recorder!

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How to Capture a Live Twitch - Video Tutorial

To record the live streaming of Twitch, a user has to download Bandicam from Bandicam Downloads and use the Screen Recording Mode of Bandicam to produce high quality video footage. Simply select your resolution, and preferred file format and enjoy the premium quality.

Please follow the steps below to record Twitch streams to your local computer.

  1. Download/install Bandicam and choose the Screen Recording Mode.

  2. Start Twitch and click the [ REC ] button in Bandicam.

    Bandicam, screen recording mode, video capture

  3. Click on the video icon to check the captured Twitch videos.

    Bandicam, record webinar, screen recording mode

How to cut a clip out of a long Twitch video

Recorded with Bandicam? Cut recorded videos with Bandicut!

If you have recorded a long Twitch stream, you may want to cut a clip out of a long video. With Bandicut Video Cutter, you can precisely cut and join videos recorded with Bandicam.

cut Twitch video, edit Twitch video, bandicut

How to automatically start and stop recording at a specific time

Bandicam allows you to automatically start and stop recording at a specific time.

If you can't watch Twitch live streams on time, you may use the scheduled recording function of Bandicam to start recording at a specific time. You can also stop recording by recording time or recorded file size.

Twitch recording software, auto stop recording, auto start recording

Free version vs. Full version

Bandicam offers an unregistered version of the software for users to test the impressiveness of our recording and live streaming services. If you like what you see, simply register with us and create your account. You will have unlimited access to Bandicam’s unique features. Bandicam supports regular updates to ensure our members continue to enjoy incredible recording services.

Bandicam currently supports Windows operating systems (Unfortunately, it doesn't work on Mac, Linux, Chrome OS or Android). To start your Bandicam experience, simply click on the download link and register your account with us today. Bandicam remains the top choice of recorded online streaming software for Twitch users across the world.

Screenshots of Bandicam Screen Recorder

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