Fraps Alternative (Better than Fraps®)

Fraps Alternative

Fraps® is a benchmarking, screen capture, and real-time video capture utility for DirectX and OpenGL applications. It is commonly used to determine a computer's performance with a game, as well as record gaming footage.

Bandicam supports almost all of Fraps' functions. It shows FPS number and records YouTube or 2D/3D games including RuneScape, Starcraft 2, Crysis 2, Team Fortress 2, Portal 2, etc. Bandicam is one of the best Fraps alternative software.

Bandicam Free Download

Bandicam - 09/29/2017  -  Free Download

Customer Reviews and Opinions

  • This is just a comparison between fraps and bandicam. Bandicam is so far the best fraps alternative for games such as blackshot, wolfteam, and other FREE first person shooters.

  • Bandicam: Probably the best free gameplay and screen recording software on the net.
    You can also record commentary if you have a microphone attached. A good alternative to Fraps.

  • Portal 2 Route Work on LiveStream and Announcements: I'm going to be using Bandicam until I find a better alternative for capturing video game footage.

  • looks kool donno if I'm going to use it but it looks like a free alternative to fraps :D

Better than Fraps®

User comments

  • bandicam works as a brilliant recorder for my games better than fraps high quality as well.
  • Just a random video testing out some CC and Bandicam since I've been having a lot of trouble with Fraps lately. Bandicam is definitely working better than Fraps.
  • 30 Second Minecraft: In this video i have switched from "Fraps" to "Bandicam" for my recording. Which I will be using henceforth because it is much better than fraps. I highly recommend the unregistered version because it has a 10 min recording cap rather than 30 seconds.
  • GTA San Andreas LP Image test: So I was thinking about making an LP for San Andreas and I gotta say BandiCam is way better than Fraps because when I use Fraps the Sound was louder than my voice.
  • MUGEN: Youmu vs. Strider: I switched to Bandicam and it works better than Fraps.
  • Crysis 2: Bandicam vs FRAPS: I've been using FRAPS for 6 months and I thought it was the best PC gaming recording software out there... until now. Bandicam is (IMO) far better than FRAPS, here are a few features that make Bandicam amazing in my book: play in 1080p and record in 720p (or any other resolution), compress as you record (FRAPS makes 40-60GB uncompressed AVI files that are a pain in the ass to deal with), apply watermark logo without editing, No need to play in a set FPS like FRAPS (locks it at 90, 60, or 30 if recording at 30fps).
  • test record L4D2: using Bandicam Lag-Free: I think its a lot better than fraps and xfire, because they both make me lag so bad and Bandicam free trial lets me record for 10 min max which I think is good.
  • How to record 10 mins and record in HD than Fraps [HD]: Bandicam is better than fraps, fraps contains seconds recording, when you register, it will take longer. But with bandicam, it can record in-game and screen recordings for 10 mins..
  • Let's Play Minecraft! With AvengedFull! - Introduction!: Program used to record *Bandicam* better than fraps in my opinion. I'll be making videos on Left 4 Dead 2, Wow, TeamFortress 2, Minecraft and Grand theft auto *maybe*.
  • Warrock Bandicam Video Testing: I just try out Bandicam. its the same as fraps in recording but its File size is remarkably smaller than fraps. I just upload this video to test it if its really better than fraps

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Crysis 2: Bandicam vs FRAPS


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