How to upload videos to YouTube from Bandicam

YouTube is the biggest, most well-known and most widely used video sharing site in the world.
Bandicam, YouTube

* Please see the tutorial below to upload videos to YouTube from Bandicam.

1. Click the [Upload] button under the [Home - Videos] tab of Bandicam,

Bandicam video uploader

2. Enter the email address and password of your Google account.

Bandicam, YouTube sign up

3. Click the "Allow" button to connect "Bandicam" to your Google account.

Bandicam, Register YouTube

4. Uploading will be started as soon as you have clicked the "Allow" button.

Bandicam, Video uploading

5. After uploading, click the [Copy] button to share your video on other websites.

Bandicam, Video uploaded

- If you click the [Go] button, you will see the uploaded video.

* Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. If the "Upload to" window closes after clicking the Upload button, set your computer's date and time correctly, and then try it again.
2. If you see the "Unauthorized" error message, please create a YouTube channel and try it again.
- For more information, refer to
3. The maximum file size for YouTube uploading is 64GB.
4. YouTube resolution & aspect ratios:
5. To make 1080p/720p/480p/360p YouTube videos on Bandicam, just choose the "YouTube (1080p/720p)" Preset.