Introduction · FAQs How to make 1080p YouTube videos

Choose the "YouTube Presets" to make 1080p/720p YouTube videos

To make 1080p/720p/480p/360p YouTube videos, you can simply choose "YouTube Presets."

Bandicam, how to make 1080p YouTube videos

Go to the Video settings menu of Bandicam, and choose the "YouTube (1080P/720p)" preset.
* Caution: If you have some lag with 1080p/720p videos, please choose the 'Default' preset

Upload videos to YouTube from Bandicam

YouTube is the biggest, most well-known and most widely used video sharing site in the world.

Bandicam, YouTube

Click the [Upload] button under the [Home - Videos] tab of Bandicam to upload videos to YouTube

Bandicam video uploader

* You may also check the FAQ page below:

- Black bars on videos (
- Recommended upload encoding settings (
- Recommended resolution & aspect ratios (

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