How to Use a Secret Screen Recorder

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A hidden screen recorder, also known as a secret screen recorder, is a type of software that can record the activities on a computer screen without being detected. It can capture videos, take screenshots, and sometimes even record audio without the knowledge of the device user. This tool is often used for monitoring purposes, such as:

  • Parental Control: Parents might use secret screen recorders to monitor their children's online activities to ensure they are safe from inappropriate content
  • Personal Security: Individuals might use hidden screen recorders to gather evidence of unauthorized access or potential misuse of their computer
  • Work Monitoring: Employers may use these tools to track employee productivity, ensure compliance with company policies, or protect sensitive information

Bandicam supports hidden screen recording. In this article, we will introduce how to use a hidden screen recorder on Windows by utilizing Bandicam's features.

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This method allows you to record your entire computer screen without notifications every time Windows starts. Follow the steps below to use a secret screen recorder on Windows:

  1. Download and start the hidden screen recorder, Bandicam.

  2. Go to the General tab -> Click on the Advanced button -> check the following 4 options.

    • Start Bandicam minimized to tray: This option allows Bandicam to start minimized to the system tray
    • Turn off tray balloon notifications: This feature allows Bandicam users to turn off tray balloon notifications
    • Run Bandicam on Windows startup: This feature enables the Bandicam program to automatically open when Windows starts
    • Start full-screen recording on Bandicam startup: This feature allows Bandicam to start full-screen recording

    full-screen recording, hidden screen recorder

  3. Check the “Always hide control bar” option in the Fullscreen menu.

    Record with Facecam and audio, Bandicam

  4. Use the “Auto Complete Recording” feature.

    To record and save files reliably, we recommend using the auto complete recording option. If you set it as shown in the image below, the recorded video will be saved every 30 minutes and recording will start again automatically.

    Use auto complete recording, Bandicam

  5. Set your Windows computer to Never Sleep.

    If you want to record your computer for a long duration, select the "Never" option in "Power & sleep settings" to keep your monitor on.

    power and sleep settings for screen recording

Now, the setup is complete. If you configure your settings as shown above, your entire computer screen will be recorded every time you start the computer.

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