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Top 5 Screen Recorders for Chrome

To record your computer screen, you can either install a screen recording program for that or skip the installation hassles and use one available online. If you use the web-based online screen recorders or screen recorders for Chrome, you do not have to download and install software on your PC, all you do is add the extension to your web browser, and you are good to go. People use screen recorders for Chrome to edit mp3s, record social media videos, and other minor tasks. However, it is very difficult to find a good screen recorder for chrome. Most of them are not quite what you are looking for and you will only get a bad-quality addon program or desktop-based launcher program. We have researched and compared the 5 best screen recorders for Chrome to help you find an ideal fit for your needs.

Features to look out for in a screen recorder for Chrome

Good screen recorders for Chrome allow you to capture real time displays on your monitor.
Below are tips on what you should look out for in your ideal screen recorder for Chrome.

  • Confirm the length of time you can record with the program. With some screen recorders for Chrome, you get only 5 minutes, with others, you get unlimited recording time.
  • Power and simplicity are crucial. While the online video recorder for Chrome should be powerful enough to record and edit high-quality videos, and despite all the exciting features we desire, the program must remain simple and easy for everyone to use.
  • You should be able to control viewers’ attention with pen tools, click highlighting, etc. using the online screen recorder for Chrome. These features are especially essential for software tutorials and walkthroughs.
  • Instant sharing to social media, cloud, YouTube, or exporting as mp3, mp4, GIF, and other file formats.
  • The screen recorder for Chrome should deliver recordings with no watermark.
  • Ability to not only capture entire windows, but also a selected area.
  • Record audio with video.

1. Nimbus Video Recorder

To start off this roundup of the best screen recorders for Chrome, here is a Chrome extension that simplifies screen recording. With Nimbus Video Recorder, you can capture anything on your browser page with merely the click of a button. This Chrome extension also lets you upload your videos and images fast. Nimbus Video Recorder has some pretty neat features, some of which include the ability to watermark your recordings, convert recordings between formats like GIF and MP4. You do not need additional software to make Nimbus Video Recorder work correctly. Apart from watermarking captures, you can also use this tool to perform basic editing functions, such as cropping and trimming recordings.

Nimbus Video Recorder for Chrome

  • It only records Chrome screens.
  • The file uploading is slow.

2. HYFY Screen Recorder

HYFY Screen Recorder is a Chrome extension that also records mic audio, as well as the movement of your mouse pointer and cursor. Feature-wise, it is similar to Nimbus Video Recorder above. You can capture full-screen videos and perform basic editing with it. To use HYFY Screen Recorder, all you need to do is click “Record.” On successful recording of your screen, this Chrome extension gives you a link to the video, with which you can share anywhere by simply pasting this link. Also, HYFY Screen Recorder is fully integrated with HipChat and JIRA. And one crucial difference between HYFY Screen Recorder and other Chrome extensions is that you get top-notch technical support when things go wrong. You need this, because you can’t really rely on screen recording Chrome extensions.

HYFY Screen Recorder for Chrome

  • The paid version does not record unlimited video lengths; you only get an hour of recording time.
  • The free version limits you to only 4 minutes of recording time.

3. Hippo Video

This Chrome extension was developed with marketers in mind. This is because it allows you to add a nice little form for lead generation. Also, Hippo Video does not only record what it sees; you can select either the 360p or 1080p, giving you more control over your captures. Hippo also lets you customize your recordings in many ways. You can change the video resolution, aspect ratio, size of the webcam, and show or hide screen markups and sensitive information that may have been captured in the recording.

Hippo Video for Chrome

  • The videos are watermarked. To remove the watermarks costs $29 monthly.
  • The free plan allows you to host only 3 videos.

4. Loom Video Recorder

Loom is another Chrome Screen Recorder that gives you control over how your images are captured. When you begin to use this tool, the first thing you would notice is how easy it is to use it. Although this tool does not pack most of the features you get in a desktop application, it supports popular software like Outlook, Google, and Slack. Further, Loom allows you to choose whether you want to use the webcam or only record your screen in desktop and tab modes.

This screen recorder for Chrome does not limit the length of recording you get, and the webcam sports a Flip Camera function that gives you a reversed image in order to eliminate the mirror effect. It also lets you trim, change aspect ratio, video resolution, hide/show markups, change webcam size, and share videos right from its interface.

Loom Video Recorder for Chrome

  • You have to pay $10/month to use the complete features. You can get better for less or even free.

Best Alternative Screen Recorder for Chrome

Screen recorder Chrome extensions work great for light work or for fun. However, they are not ideal for professional work or business. To record a website in high quality, use Bandicam, a professional and reliable screen recording program. Instead of using a Chrome extension, going for the real deal will serve you way better.

Unlike the Chrome extensions here, Bandicam is not limited to capturing only Chrome screens. With this amazing program, you can record or take screenshots of Skype video calls, webinars, presentations, and everything displayed on your monitor, together with the sound from the computer or audio input from the mic. Still not convinced, you don’t have to take my word for it; you can try it out yourself free of charge. Yes, despite the power and features, the tool is completely free to use. If you need to record your screen for any reason, you are better off going for this desktop software.

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