How to record capture card video and audio
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To record external video devices such as an Xbox, Smartphone, IPTV, Capture card, etc., start Bandicam and choose the 'Device Recording' mode by clicking on the Webcam/HDMI icon.

Some ways to use the 'Device Recording' mode

To record the capture card sound together, please follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the 'Device Recording' mode, and select the device and format.

    Capture card device - Bandicam

  2. Select the 'Video Input' and 'Audio Input' device.

    - Some capture cards don't show the 'Video Input' and 'Audio Input' device.
    - Do not check the "Use custom audio device" option.

    Video input and audio input -  Bandicam

  3. Go to the [Recording settings] of Bandicam, select "(Default Output Device)" for the Speakers and "Disable" for the Microphone, and try recording.

    Default output device -  Bandicam

  4. If you cannot record the sound from the capture card, go to the [Recording] tab of Windows, right-click on your capture card device, select Properties, check the "Listen to this device" option, and try recording.

    Capture card sound recording, Listen to this device

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

To record only the audio from the capture card,

If you see an error message that says "Failed to initialize the video capture device,"

If you have a USB capture device,

  • Please plug the device into a USB 3.0 slot.
  • A PCI/PCI-E capture card is usually better than a USB capture card.

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